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    ONE VOICE (Brass Band) - Manilow, Barry - Farr, Ray

    A superb entertainment piece and great as an encore.

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    The Once and Future King

    DescriptionThe Once and Future King is a suite of three movements; each movement was inspired by an Arthurian legend. The first movement, 'Tintagel', concerns the famous Cornish promontory said to be the birthplace of King Arthur. In Arthur's time, Tintagel was part of the court of King Mark of Cornwall and the music imagines a visit by the King of the Britons to his Cornish neighbour and the place of his birth, reflecting the ceremony and drama of such an occasion; the music is strongly antiphonal, contrasting the more strident fanfares of the cornets and trombones with the warmth of the saxhorns and tubas. second movement, 'Lyonesse', takes its inspiration from the mythical land which once joined Cornwall to the Isles of Scilly. One legend claims that after the disastrous battle of Camlan where Arthur and Mordred were both killed, the remnants of Arthur's army were pursued across Lyonesse to Scilly, whereupon Merlin cast a spell to sink Lyonesse behind them and drown the pursuers. Some say the bells of the 140 churches inundated that day can still be heard ringing. All the material in this movement derives from two short motifs heard in counterpoint at the very beginning, which are intentionally dissonant and bitonal in character. final movement, 'Badon Hill', takes its title from the legendary site of Arthur's last battle with the Saxons and is a lively toccata based on the medieval secular song L'Homme Armee ('The Armed Man'). The music uses a number of medieval devices including "hocketing" (passing melody from one voice to another). The actual site of Badon Hill is unknown but it has been associated with Badbury Rings in Dorset and a lot of evidence now points towards the town of Bath. Arthur's victory at Badon Hill was the last great victory for Celtic Britain over the Saxon invaders, but in the end only set the conquest back by a few decades. Arthur himself was dead by then, betrayed and defeated by his nephew Mordred, but it is said that Arthur only sleeps and will return in a time of dire need – hence the legend that Arthur's dying words were: Bury me in Britain, for I am the Once and Future King.

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    European Brass Band Championships 2013

    Disc 11Myth ForestStig NordhagenCory Band18.002In Perfect PeaceKenneth DownieNorwegian National Brass Band4.273MikkelOle Edvard AntonsenOle Edvard Antonsen (Trumpet) with Norwegian National Brass Band4.244Morning from Peer GyntEdvard Grieg arr. Howard LorrimanBlack Dyke Band4.005In the Hall of the Mountain KingEdvard Grieg arr. Howard LorrimanBlack Dyke Band2.106Seabird Mob, Fly On! (3rd movement)Idar TorskangerpollEuropean Youth Brass Band2.577One VoiceBarry Manilow arr. Ray FarrEuropean Youth Brass Band3.428Fragile OasisPeter MeechanLeyland Band15.489When Thunder CallsPaul Lovatt-CooperBlack Dyke Band4.52Disc 21Perihelion - Closer to the SunPhilip SparkeCory Band19.082CavaquinoErnesto Nazareth arr. Howard SnellEuropean Youth Brass Band2.343AndantinoJean Sibelius arr. LaaksonenAura Brass Band3.364Symphony in two movementsEdward GregsonBlack Dyke Band18.535Salute to Youth - III. RelaxationGilbert VinterEuropean Youth Brass Band4.526Finale from Symphony No. 3 (Organ)Camille Saint-Saens arr. Philip WilbyMassed bands5.237SpiritiThomas DossEikanger-Bjrsvik Musikklag16.35

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    Manilow Magic - Barry Manilow

    Includes: One Voice

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    What's This? - Danny Elfman - Naomi Styles

    Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas needs little introduction, as it is regularly hailed of one of the greatest Christmas films of all time. The originality of stop motion animation at a time where many were turning to computer animations, helped the movie on its way to great critical acclaim and financial success. The score for the movie was provided by Danny Elfman (of Simpsons & Batman fame) who also provided the singing voice for the character, Jack. Now, for the first time ever, the energetic and memorable track, 'What's This', is now available for band. The film and soundtrack finds favour with audiences of all ages and is a must for bands looking for something different to inject some life into their Christmas concerts this year.

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    Sjakkmatt! - Hans Offerdal

    How do you experience the final thrilling minutes of a chess game when your opponent has taken the upper hand? And how does it actually feel being beaten checkmate? This piece gives you the answers! There are challenges in use of dynamics, articulation, intensity and gradually increasing tempo. Dissonances are present several places, but the voice leading is diatonic and often in repeating patterns. The whole piece is based on one single scale: Bb major scale with augmented fourth and minor seventh. It is notated as a concert Bb major scale with two accidentals. Feel free to use it during warm-up!

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    Valerius Variations - Philip Sparke

    Dutch composer, artist and poet Adriaen Valerius is mostly remembered today for his collection of 79 songs for voice and lute or cittern, published posthumously in 1626. Philip Sparke has taken one melody from this collection that tells of the War of Independence with Spain. The beautiful slow melody is followed by a series of lively variations to form an extremely entertaining piece that will bring great joy to all who perform and listen to it.

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