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    Writing's On The Wall - James Napier - Frank Bernaerts

    Main theme from the James Bond Motion Picture "Spectre"

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    Writing's On The Wall - James Napier

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    On Winter Hill - Dan Price

    Winter Hill is situated in the North West of England within the West Pennine Moors. It is a popular destination for walkers and on a clear day it offers views across Manchester, Liverpool, Blackpool, the Isle of Man, the Cumbrian Mountains and the Peak District. The hill is well named as there is an ever-present blusteriness even during the summer.On Winter Hill is an evocative concert item for solo euphonium and brass band which tells the story of a journey, in music, to the summit of the hill.The work opens with a quiet ostinato on solo cornets which is a musical interpretation of the swirling wind dancing around the peak of the summit. The wind is ever present on the hill and so is the ostinato building in volume and intensity as the journey progresses. The solo line uses modal writing and is fashioned as a ‘folksong without words' and gives work a feeling of melancholy and of ‘days gone by'. Perhaps the listener can imagine looking out from the side of the hill across the valley towards the now silent chimneys of industry.The summit of the hill is finally reached six bars before Figure G, which is the moment you walk into the wall of wind and sound that takes your breath away for a moment, but gives you an immense sense of achievement. The music here should be full and rich giving the soloist a moment to catch their breath. The work closes at the start of the descent from that moment you step off the peak of the hill and you are already back in a different world.

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    Wall of Sound - Lovatt-Cooper, Paul

    This piece was commissioned by Dr Nicholas Childs and Philip Biggs for the National Children’s Band of Great Britain.As the commission was for a youth band, I wanted to compose a piece of music that alluded to the styles and genres of music that are abundant in the current popular music market. However, the National Children’s Band isn’t just any old youth band; they are some of the finest young musicians in Great Britain. So the challenge was to compose a piece that included many popular music styles whilst providing enough of a test to keep the music technically interesting to work on and perform.The driving force behind the whole piece is the percussion section and in particular, the drum kit which is constant throughout. From the start the music is rhythmic and repetitive, similar to many dance tracks. The music begins to slowly unfold and build in texture and at bar 24 the syncopated main theme appears. This theme reappears throughout the piece along with various other motifs and solo lines. The music uses the styles, rock, pop, latin, funk and dance within the score and has a real fun factor about it.There are lots of opportunities for soloists to play and it is marked in the score where to stand and soloists can come out to the front of the stage. I really enjoyed working on this piece and I’m sure performers and audience members will enjoy it too.Paul Lovatt-Cooper

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    Old Paintings - Patrick Millstone

    The composer depicts five little paintings which were hanging on the wall of the spare room of his grandparents' house when he used to stay there as a young boy. Each painting had its own place and story. Even a replica of Rembrandt's Night Watch was there and his eyes were always focussed on the person with the drums. Imaginative music of high educational value. Playing together, articulation, and playing in tune are familiar, but useful, ingredients of this varied piece.

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    Music from Kantara - Kenneth Downie

    Despite the exotic sounding title, the origins of Kenneth Downies fine composition are somewhat more prosaic. When the composer and his wife moved into a new home they were intrigued to find it called Kantara. Not wanting to upset the outgoing owners, and wishing to find out more, they decided to keep the name.Some judicious research found that Kantara was a ruined castle in Northern Cyprus which the previous owners had once visited. A picture of it was left hanging on the wall of the house for the new owners to enjoy.Written in 1993 for the National School Band Association Composer Competition, it has subsequently been used at youth and senior level - from the National Youth Band Championships of Great Britain to the Pontins Championship.The three-movement work is in no way descriptive, but each has individual character - from a light hearted spiritoso followed by a short lyrical middle section to an animated presto finale.

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