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    On Ilkley Moor Pastiche

    I was commissioned to write a piece for the RNCM Trombone Quartet by the bass trombonist Trevor Slade, a true Yorkshireman. I have created a full brass band version. There is an element of comedy, (though not irreverent). The introduction is a direct reference to a well known film theme about bouncing bombs! We then hear the famous Yorkshire melody with overtones of the old BBC Grandstand theme, (for those old enough to remember). A 'patriotic' section is a mixture of "Ilkley Moor", and those bouncing bombs again! We are then taken to a 'Dixieland' treatment, with 'overtones' of a 'Hootenannyish' piece, which every bandsman/woman is familiar with! What follows is a rather pretty 'Edmundo Ross(ish)' beguine. After a brief Beethovian bit, we are taken back once again to the original pastiche, with a BIG ending. A good piece for the lighter element of the concert programme.

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    On Ilkley Moor Baht'at - Jonathan Bates

    DURATION: 4'00". DIFFICULTY: 3rd+. 'On Ikley Moor Baht'at' was arranged specially to celebrate Yorkshire Day on Saturday 1st August, 2020. The original work was performed and recorded virtually by a band from each of the 4 ridings of Yorkshirewith the arrangement being made with this 'distance banding' idea in mind. Each of the verses is painted in a unique way to each other, telling the story and character behind the lyrics - which are sung in the traditional Yorkshire dialect. .

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