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    Do Dat Thing - Harry Connick Jr. - Reid Gilje

    Harry Connick Jr. is an American pianist, singer, composer and actor from New Orleans. He has released many albums and perform frequently with his own big band."Do Dat Thing" is a real "feel-good" song composed in New Orleans style.The tempo must not be too fast. A kind of rough, heavy groove is preferred.When staccato is notated, the 8th notes have to be straight. The notations in the Drums-part is optional. From 35, the rhythm in the bass-line is meant as information for the musician.Be aware of the dynamics from the beginning (not too loud) to give it a "lift" at the end of the piece.

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    When The Saints - Traditional - Paul Duffy

    The precise origins of the folk song "When the Saints Go Marching In" or "The Saints" is unknown but it is believed to originate from Belgium and is thought to have been used originally as a hymn tune.Since the late 19th Century, it has become a jazz standard of the American song-book and has been performed and recorded by a wide variety of artists. From the great jazz performers Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald through to the silver screen by Judy Garland and to the popular music scene by performers such as Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton and more recently Bruce Springsteen.The melodies biggest advocate has to be the thousands of world-wide jazz bands playing in the New Orleans style, which is as popular today as it was at its inception.It is in this New Orleans style that Paul Duffy has arranged this ageless classic for soprano cornet and brass band. A swinging solo line, which gives you the opportunity to show off your improvisational skills, is accompanied by approachable ensemble writing which captures the flavour and excitement of carnival time.

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    Red Vest Man

    Red Vest Man was composed as a dedication to cornet player Buddy Bolden, one of the first jazz musicians. He was reputed to always perform wearing a red vest. The piece is a New Orleans funeral march, something Bolden would have been called to do many times in his career. It starts with a slow mournful march, featuring solos from trumpet and trombone and finishes with a joyful 2nd line New Orleans rhythm.Duration: 8:00 minutesPercussion: 3 Players playing side drum, bass drum, tambourine and crash cymbalsGrade 3: Medium 1st and 2nd Section Bands

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    U.S. City Trip - Andrew Watkin

    Andrew Watkin takes us on a three-movement musical journey in U.S. City Trip. Each movement explores a world famous street in three different American cities. Swing, blues and rock styles accompany us as we visit the theatres on Broadway in New York, the clubs on Rampart Street in New Orleans' French Quarter and the casinos on the Las Vegas Strip.

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