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    A Muppet Christmas Carol - Paul Williams - David Hollings

    The Muppets certainly need no introduction and their take upon the famous Charles Dickens classic novel was of course, a huge success. Released in 1992, the film was the first from the Muppets to be created following the death of their creator Jim Henson and fellow puppeteer, Richard Hunt. Now, arranged by David Hollings, the fun filled overture from the movie is now available for brass band for the first time. A welcome addition to a festive programme for bands that are looking for something different this Christmas.

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    Oregon - Jacob de Haan

    This fantasy tells the story of Oregon, one of Americas north-western states. Traveling by train on the Northern Pacific Railroad, the listener is taken through the fascinating Oregon landscape. Indians, cowboys, golddiggers and hooded wagons will file past on this adventurous journey. The piece has some similarities with a soundtrack of a movie. Various melodies, which could be the main themes of a movie, pass the review.The piece begins in a slow movement, introducing the first theme in minor. Then we hear in the following fast movement the trombones imitate the train, whistling the steam-flute. We hear the characteristic minor theme again, but now in different variants(also in major). The rythmic structure of "western" stile and rock succeed each other. This is leading to the slow movement, where the signals of horns and trumpets introduce a wonderful vocal melody. After this characteristic melody, the fast movement appears shortly again, the trombones whistling the steam-flute again (now in major). We hear also some musical elements, that plays a part in the following Presto. Barchanges, jazzy chords, interesting rhytmic patterns (with bongo) and an original theme are the characteristics of this Presto. After this, the horns announce the last section of the piece. Interesting is the fact that we hear in this Allegro section a variant of the vocal melody in the slow movement. Also the Presto theme returns shortly, followed by the Allargando, which is a grand characteristic end of a soundtrack. The movie of our travelling fantasy has come to an end.

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    Music from The Incredibles - Michael Giacchino

    The Incredibles is a fabulous movie from the masters of animation at Pixar Studios. The story tells of a family of undercover superheroes who, while trying to live the quiet suburban life, are forced into action to save the world. The music is inspired by 1960’s TV cop dramas and spy thrillers and fits the action perfectly. This arrangement for brass band by Jay Bocook and Philip Sparke is guaranteed to be a sure fire hit.

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    Titanic Selections - James Horner

    Music from the 1997 movie blockbuster Titanic, composed by James Horner and arranged for brass band by Andrew Duncan. This arrangement includes the Celine Dion song, My Heart Will Go On.

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    A Whole New World - Tim Rice

    from the Disney movie, Aladdin

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    Casper's Lullaby - James Horner

    from The Movie Casper

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    For the Love of a Princess - James Horner

    From the sound track of the Mel Gibson movie - Braveheart.

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    March of the Resistance - John Williams

    From the blockbuster film Star Wars: The Force Awakens, John Williams reprises a few earlier themes along with dynamic new material. The memorable March of the Resistance is fittingly dramatic and powerful, and is prominent at key moments in the movie.

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    Midway - Score and Parts - John Williams

    A terrific march from the soundtrack of the 1979 movie about one of the greatest sea battles in history between the American and Japanese Fleets. Great sop part!

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