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  • £70.95

    Mars Hill Fantasia - Eric Ewazen

    Says Ewazen, The work is scored for two combined ensembles ? an 8-part low brass ensemble of trombones, euphoniums, and tubas, and an 8-part percussion ensemble of both mallet and non-pitched percussion instruments. The music contains rich, sonorous, and joyful gestures, with stentorian fanfares, resonant chords, and lyrical melodies. It was given a truly exciting and festive premiere in October 2006 by the combined low brass and percussion ensembles of the music department of Mars Hill.

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  • £91.00

    A Passage To Mars - Buyle Erik

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  • £72.00

    Life on Mars - Bowie David - Droste Ernest

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  • £61.99

    Life On Mars

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  • £35.60

    DRINA MARS - Binicki Stanislav - Fraser Bruce

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  • £40.00

    Mars Attacks - Elfman, D - Phillips, L

    Tim Burton weaved his usual brand of zaniness throughout this film and his regular composer, Danny Elfman, created a humorous parody of early B movie sci-fi scores by his use of choir and two theremins - an early synthesizer (optional choir and synth. parts supplied). This arrangement features the music that accompanies the film's horrific opening, a heard of burning cattle stampeding past a shocked family; the scoring here is dissonant and over-the-top with horror value. This is followed by Elfman's quirky Main Title Theme which sees the Martian invasion force enroute to Earth - wicked and fiendish fun ensues.2nd section +

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  • £33.00

    Cinq Mars - Gounod, C

    Includes a full band set (no score)

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  • £57.10

    Marsj i mars - Hans Offerdal

    At last, here is a joyful march for those who really enjoy playing marches in March! Challenges in all instrumental groups.

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  • £67.20

    Life on Mars - David Bowie

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