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    Das Boot - Klaus Doldinger - Len Jenkins

    Traditionally, submarines are referred to as 'boats' rather than 'ships' and the German U- boat (Unterseeboot) was originally a craft primarily designed for surface attack that also had an underwater capability, an aspect that was subsequently developed into the submarine craft that we now know. Das Boot was a 1980's TV series/film that followed the patrol of U-96 and is reckoned by many to be the best (anti) war film produced. Authenticity was achieved by filming in a full size replica with actors who were denied washing or shaving to get the right 'atmosphere' of life in a U-boat. Despite the havoc and distress caused by attacks on Allied shipping by U-boats one cannot but be saddened by the fact that out of 40,000 who went to sea in them, 30,000 never returned. The music is characterised by a theme that has a haunting, deep, sonorous quality penetrated by the sharp, regular 'ping' of ASDIC (sonar) that was used by surface vessels to echo-locate submarines prior to attacking them with depth-charges. This 'ping' may be approximated to, at modest cost, by the percussion section using either a cymbal dome (select an appropriate beater) or a high-pitched wooden 'agogo'. Alternatively, more complex and expensive electronics may be employed. The piece needs to be played with confidence because of its discordant and intentionally sombre nature.

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    December 7th - Hans Zimmer - Klaas van der Woude

    The commemoration of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour on 7th December 1941 was portrayed in the unique film Pearl Harbour, staring Tom Cruse. The music was composed by the prize winning composer Hans Zimmer. The piece December 7th is a dramatic work which accompanies the high point of the film and Klaus van der Woude's arrangement looses none of the excitement of the original.

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    Das Boot - Klaus Doldinger - Kabat

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    The Poseidon - Klaus Badelt - Kabat

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    The Lost World - John Williams - Klaas van der Woude

    This film was the follow-up to Jurassic Park and the music was composed by the peerless John Williams- the king of film music. Klaus van der Woude has arranged the signature tune to the Lost World for brass band.

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    Wind Of Change - Klaus Meine - Jirka Kadlec

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