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    ESPANA CANI (Brass Band) - Marquina, Pascual - Thomas, Gareth

    Pascual Marquina (1873??"1948) was a Spanish bandleader who wrote music for his band to play at bullfights in Madrid. Espana Cani means Spanish Gypsy Dance. The music is popular amongst ballroom dancers as a Paso Doble. The Paso Doble is traditionally used as introduction music for a bull fight and is the music used to usher in the matadors, picadors, horses and bandilleros. Espana Cani was written in 1925 and is suitable for all grades of band.

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    Czardas (Xylophone solo) - Monti - Gert Bomhof

    Vittorio Monti was born on January 6, 1868 in Naples (Italy). His musical education (violin and composition), he enjoyed at the conservatory there. Around his 30's Monti went to Paris. He earned a living as a conductor and wrote several ballets and operettas. In his last years, Monti died in 1922, he devoted himself to teaching and composing. His famous "Czardas" has made his name known even today. Initially the czardas was a Hungarian folk dance , but after the mid-nineteenth century it was even a dance for the upper-class. Czardas begins with a slow introduction, the Lassan (slow and sad), and then the fast part, Friska, follows. Czardas is not, as so many people think typical gypsy music.

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