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    Another World's Hell - Simon Dobson

    Another World’s Hell was commissioned in versions for brass, wind and fanfare bands by the Soci?t? Cantonale des Musiques Vaudoises and the Association Cantonale des Musiques Neuch?teloises for the 2013 Swiss Cantonales festivals. It is inspired by a passage in Aldous Huxley’s classic 1932 science-fiction novel Brave New World, which describes in unusually close detail the music that is being played at a dance. This is Dobson’s interpretation of the imagined ‘future music’ that Huxley dreamed of.Brass Band Grade 5Duration: 13 minutes, Score & Parts

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    And When The River Told - Simon Dobson

    And When the River Told was commissioned by the Scottish Brass Band Association for the Scottish Open Championship, held on 20th November 2012 at the Perth Concert Hall. This colourful work takes one of Scotland’s great rivers, the Tay, as its subject.Brass Band Grade 6: Championship.Duration: 13 Minutes.

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    Penlee (Score & Parts) - Simon Dobson

    To some, the tragic story of the Penlee lifeboat, Solomon Browne, would need no introduction, and to some the pain felt is still very much a reality. The composer, born just a few weeks before that fateful night on the 19th December 1981, has created this work as a musical homage to the bravery of the souls who lost their lives and has dedicated it to their memory. Penlee was commissioned by the Cornwall Youth Brass Band using funds bequeathed by Michael Pickett. The first performance was given by the Cornish Youth Brass Band, conducted by Ian Porthouse, at St. Michael’s Church, Newquay, on 30th December 2008. Penlee has been voted into the Classic FM Hall of Fame 2011 at No.106. Not only is it the first time a brass work has been featured in the Hall of Fame, but it was also the highest new entry. The work has subsequently been recorded by the Leyland Band, conducted by Jason Katsikaris, on the CD entitled Penlee. Brass Band Grade 4: Advanced Youth and 3rd Section Duration: 13 minutes

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    Lyonesse (Score & Parts) - Simon Dobson

    Lyonesse was commissioned by the Brass Band Heritage Trust as the test piece for the Finals of the National Youth Brass Band Championships held in Manchester in April 2005. This atmospheric music, ideal as a test piece for First and Second section bands, takes its inspiration from the lost kingdom of Lyonesse, the mythical spur of land linking Cornwall and the Scilly Isles, and its associated legend of Tristan and Isolde. Brass Band Grade 5: 1st Section Duration: 13 minutes

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