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    So Fly The Eagles - Mike Lyons

    Dedicated to the Eagley Band, Mike Lyons penned this March ‘So Fly The Eagles’ in a traditional march format, complete with DC and Fine. The March begins with a powerful stand and in a dark minor key. The trio brings about a more light-hearted feel that all players can enjoy and will show off your band in the best light. A great piece for any concert.

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    Where Angels Fly - Kevin Houben

    Where Angels Fly was commissioned by VLAMO (Flemish Band Association). Kevin Houben wrote this work for the 2017 European Brass Band Championships in Ostend, Belgium. This is a very technical, powerful and virtuosic work with a rather fragile and soft introduction in which the main motif - derived from the Belgian composer Paul Gilson's (1865-1942) La Priere from Le Retour au Pays - is developed and also includes Houben's own musical signature 'HBE(N)'. Where Angels Fly is a challenging, impressive and virtuosic contest piece.

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    Gonna Fly Now - Bill Conti - Lorenzo Bocci

    This is best known as the theme from Rocky, the 1997 smash hit for composer, conductor and Oscar winner Bill Conti. The Italian composer Lorenzo Bocci has taken this exciting piece and made it accessible for brass bands.

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    One Day I'll Fly Away - Ron Sebregts

    Anyone who loves the very best in love songs will fall in love with this piece by the smouldering soulful singer, who is one of the all time greatest and surprisingly one of the music industries best-kept secrets, Randy Crawford. The haunting and passionate beauty of the original song is perfectly captured in this brass band arrangement. More recently the song was also featured in the movie Moulin Rouge performed by Nicole Kidman.

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    Fly With Me - Patrick Millstone

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    Fly Over - R.B. Newsome

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    Gonna Fly Now

    Theme tune from the Rocky films

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