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    The Last Spring - Edvard Grieg

    Edvard Grieg is probably the best known of all Norwegian composers. He was one of the most important figures during the nationalistic romantic period and his music always contained the essence of this beautiful Scandinavian country. The Last Spring comes from Two Elegiac Melodies for String Orchestra and this version for brass band retains all the beauty and solemnity of the original. Evoke the peaceful atmosphere of Grieg's native land with this beautiful haunting work.

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    Meeting - Edvard Grieg

    A lyrical piece, from Edvard Grieg's song-cycle "Haugtussa" ( The Mountain Maid) originally for voice and piano, but here in an arrangement for Soprano Cornet and Brassband by Tom Brevik Een lyrische werk van Edvard Grieg uit de liederencyclus ""Haugtussa"" (The Mountain Maid),oorspronkelijk voor stem en piano, maar hier in een arrangement voor Es Cornet en Brassband van Tom Brevik.

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    Norwegian Dance No. 2 - Edvard Grieg - Morten Wensberg

    Edvard Grieg composed his "Four Norwegian Dances, op. 35" during the summer of 1881. The second of these four dances is by far the most popular and recognizable. This short piece in ABA form has become a staple of Norwegian music and practically all Norwegians will immediately recognize this tune.

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    Norwegian Songs - Edvard Grieg

    Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg (1843-1907) wrote a lot of songs, several of which Jacob de Haan has arranged for ensemble of variable strength. The songs are: Fremad! Fremad!, Stille Nu! and Fola, Fola, Blakken. It has been arranged for beginner bands and can be played with a minimum of four players (+ percussion).

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    Funeral March - Edvard Grieg

    Edvard Grieg (1843-1907) is especially known for his 'Peer Gynt Suite'. This remarkable Marche Funebre however, is an almost unknown masterpiece, originally written for wind orchestra. Erik Mast, who adjusted this imposing music in a brilliant way, made this composition suitable for today's strength. An unexplored masterpiece!

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    Morning (From 'Peer Gynt') - Edvard Grieg - Gavin Somerset

    With many bands this time of year doing "Proms" concerts, this new release comes at the perfect time. Skillfully arranged to make this playable by most bands, this is one of the most memorable tunes of all time. Used in countless TV adverts and films, this full arrangement of the classical work is sure to make the audience smile. The piece was originally composed as incidental music for a play by Henrik Ibsen in 1876.Over time, it has become a stand alone favorite on the classical music stage. Perfect for any concert.

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    Troldtog (March of the Trolls) (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Grieg, Edvard - Smith, Sandy

    Edvard Grieg (1843--1907) is best known for his eternally popular Piano Concerto in A Minor, as well as more than 150 songs and 66 lyric pieces. March of the Trolls is from his Lyric Pieces, Op. 54. Trolls are a constant theme in Norwegian folklore and can be viewed as the equivalent of our "boogie man." Far to the north in Norway where the winter storms whip the weather-beaten coasts, you will find dark forests with moonlit lakes, deep fjords surrounded by mighty snowcapped mountains, and long rivers and cold streams cascading down the mountain sides. This is where you might find the irritable, short-tempered trolls coming out of their hiding places after sunset, marching to wreck havoc on unsuspecting Norwegian households. Wait and see what your audience will do when the Trolls march up and down the aisles of your next concert!

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    Bryllupsdag pa Troldhaugen - Edvard Grieg - Elisabeth Vannebo

    Originally called "Gratulanterne kommer" (The well-wishers are coming),It was written in 1896 for the 50th year celebration of Nancy Giertsen held at the Fossli Hotel near the Voringsfossen waterfall in June 1896. During the occasion a guest book was ready to take contributions from all the guests. On the first pages of this guest book, Grieg wrote the whole piece with it's original title.Grieg gave the work its final title in 1897 when he compiled Book VIII, Op. 65, of his Lyric Pieces. The work's festive first section describes congratulations and best wishes that are given by the guests to the newlyweds; the second section is reflective and subdued.

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    Swing the Mountain King - Edvard Grieg - Simon Kerwin

    'In the Hall of the Mountain King' was composed by Grieg as part of the incidental music for Henrik Ibsen's play Peer Gynt. A fantasy story written in verse, Peer Gynt tells of the adventures of the eponymous boy.The sequence in which In the Hall of the Mountain King is used is when Peer sneaks into the Troll Mountain King's castle. The piece is played when Peer attempts to escape from the King. When the trolls spot Peer, they give chase and the music begins to speed up. Peer begins to run, and the music begins to get increasingly louder and faster. Finally, at the end, the King catches Peer Gynt, picks him up and hurls him out the back door of the castle. The piece abruptly finishes on this note.This inventive arrangement from the pen of Simon Kerwin gives Grieg's original masterpiece a full big band treatment!

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    Five Lyric Pieces (Score & Parts) - Edvard Grieg

    Mark Freeh's arrangement of five of Grieg's Lyric Pieces are taken from the orchestral adaptations from the composer himself. Grieg wrote 66 piano miniatures, all referred to as lyric pieces.Brass Band Grade 5: 1st SectionDuration: 12 minutes

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