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    Pavane (FaurA(c) arr. Dan Price) - Dan Price

    Concert Series - Grade 2.5 French composer Gabriel FaurA(c) composed his Pavane in 1887. Initially it was scored for voices with piano accompaniment but FaurA(c) quickly reworked the piece for small orchestra, optional voices, and also allowed a provision for dancers. Here an abridged version of the original has been transcribed for brass band by Dan Price and will bring a welcome touch of the classics to any concert program. Duration: 00:03:15

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    In Storm & Sunshine

    New Jersey born composer and musician John Clifford Heed, who was born during the American Civil War was as a cornet soloist and arranger in the legendary band of John Philip Sousa. J.C Heed was also known as the "March Wizard". According to local legend in his hometown, it is claimed that Heed possibly wrote "The Stars and Stripes Forever". Chris Houlding's vibrant arrangement of "In Storm and Sunshine" is written in the style of a vibrant circus march, to be performed as quick as possible !Duration: 5 minutesPercussion: 3 players playing snare drum, bass drum, clash cymbals, triangle and glockenspiel. Grade 3: Medium 1st and 2nd Section Bands

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    Shindig - Dan Price

    Concert Series - Grade 2.5/3 Commissioned by Adrian Smith for the the Blackley Band's 2018 performance at the French Open Championships, Shindig is an approachble concert item for most lower-section / intermediate bands. This quirky work takes the form of an Irish reel, providing the opportunity for each family of the ensemble to 'take to the floor.' Duration: c:00:03:00

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    Starburst - Dan Price

    Concert Series - Grade 3 A fast-paced and exciting concert finale or first half finisher by Dan Price. Commissioned by the Greater Manchester Hub Youth Brass Band for their 2014 season, Starburst is a high-octane work in a contemporary style with elements of rock and funk fusion. The piece features soloistic input from all sections, with vibrant percussion colours adding to the overall effectiveness. Although the piece sounds extremely virtuosic it is accessible for most bands, and is fun to rehearse as well as exciting to listen to. Duration: c. 04:00

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