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  • £44.95

    FUSION (Brass Band Set) - Martin Cordner

    Fusion seeks to capture the sense of celebration that arises when a believer arrives in Heaven and is finally joined in eternal fellowship with God. In depicting this event, the work links the tune, 'Brantwood' (I know thee who thou art') with Chris Rice's contemporary hymn, 'Come to Jesus'.

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  • £30.00

    Reach - S Club 7

    When the group S Club 7, (an able bunch with a wide appeal to all ages), released the song Reach in the year 20, it soon became a hit with many people, and still is. My wife Julie and myself were at a large event recently, and saw the effect of this song on a mixed audience – it brought the house down! Besides more serious projects, I am a great believer in entertaining the brass band’s largest audience, the general public, which is why I have been very happy to produce this arrangement of a song which is full of fun.

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  • £24.95

    Credo - Lorne Barry

    The music is largely based around the 19th Century Hymn 'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus. The title literally translates as 'to believe/trust' or 'to commit/trust in'. This musical journey of the believer takes its course through doubts and trials, to a reaffirmation of their faith.

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