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    Christmas Collection - Wind Band Set - March Card Size

    The wind band set contains 30 parts in march card size only:Flute 1 x2Flute 2 x2Oboe x1Bassoon x1Clarinet 1 Bb x2Clarinet 2 Bb x2Soprano Saxophone Bb x1Alto Saxophone 1 Eb x1Alto Saxophone 2 Eb x1Tenor Saxophone Bb x1Baritone Saxophone Eb x1Horn 1 in F x1Horn 2 in F x1Solo & 1st Cornet Bb x22nd Cornet Bb x2Trombone 1 B.C. x1Trombone 2 B.C. x1Bass Trombone x1Euphonium B.C. x1Euphonium Bb T.C. x1Tuba B.C. x2String Bass x1Percussion x1

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    Triumph Series Band Journal March 2015 Numbers 1259 - 1262

    No. 1259 March - Divine Care (Eiliv Herikstad)The message of this march is 'God will take care of you!' The introduction reflects the beginning of the song, God will take care of you (T.B.C.S. 124), which is presented in full at sections C and D.No. 1260 (1) Cornet Solo - Become aware of him (Michael Davis)A setting for Cornet and band of Colonel Robert Redhead's song, Become aware of him, which was originally published in The Musical Salvationist.No. 1260 (2) Hymn Tune Arrangement - St Peter (David Rowsell)An arrangement of the tune, St Peter, associated with the song, In Christ there is no east or west.No. 1261 Song Arrangement - The deep love of Jesus (Andrew Blyth)The strong hymn tune of Ebenezer (T.B. 433) was composed by Welshman, Thomas John Williams (1869-1944), who served as organist and choir director at various churches in and around Llanelli. This arrangement is more relaxed in style than the original and attempts to convey the freedom of the verses mostly associated witht he tune by Samuel T. Francis (1835-1925) O deep, deep love of Jesus, vast, unmeasured, boundless, free.No. 1262 Everybody praise his holy name (Nicholas King)A bright arrangement by Nicholas King of Remco Hakkert's song, Praise his holy name.

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    Triumph Series Band Journal November 2015 Numbers 1267 - 1270

    No. 1267 March - Following Jesus (Ian Clarke)For more than two thousand years, countless Christians, the world over, have chosen to follow Jesus and try to live by his teachings. The words associated with the three tunes used in this march follow that theme: Sagina (T.B. 498), I will follow thee, my Saviour (T.B. 378) and There's joy in following (T.B.C.S. 206).No. 1268 Cornet Solo - Keep that smile! (Kenneth Ketteringham)This light-hearted, waltz-like solo features an old Army song written by Bandmaster George Marshall and Staff-Captain A.R. Wiggins.No. 1269 Hymn Tune Arrangement - Rockingham (Erik Silfverberg)A four-verse setting of the hymn tune, Rockingham, associated with the song 'When I survey the wondrous cross' by Isaac Watts.No. 1270 Lifted High! (Dean Jones)A bright, joyful arrangement of the song, 'Lord, I lift your name on high' in a Caribbean style.

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    REVERIE - C.Debussy/B.Crookes

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    General Series Band Journal December 2015 Numbers 2150-2153

    No. 2150 March – Full Bloom (Martyn Thomas)This march was written as a tribute to the loyal service provided by Salvation Army bands across the world and was premi?red by Enfield Citadel Band in 2012. Using the tune Jesus, Jesus, lily of the valley (T.B.C.S. 43), the march is traditional in format and style but nevertheless has plenty of original touches, both rhythmically and melodically.No. 2151 Festival March - God's Army (Niels Silfverberg)This march tries to reflect on the unchanging principles of a living Salvation Army in a changing world, but with unchanging needs. The Salvation Army, being an international part of the universal Christian Church, with a ministry motivated by the love of God and a mission to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ; one army - one mission - one message. The march uses themes from a number of songs from different eras, reflecting the continued fight in 'God's Army'.No. 2152 Still hold me closer (Michael Davis)The gospel song Sweet will of God by Leila N. Morris is here given a beautiful setting by Michael Davis.No. 2153 Everlasting Hope (Paul Sharman)'Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow', a line from the song 'Great is thy faithfulness', is taken and developed into an original melody. The music attempts to portray the fact that God's faithfulness to each one of us gives us all 'hope for tomorrow'.

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    Sibelius Fantasy - Gavin Somerset

    Composed in 2003 for a composition competition, this work uses elements of three major work by the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius (1865-1957). The three being... Symphony No.5, Finlandia, Karelia Suite (March) The piece starts with an atmospheric opening before setting of in bar 10 with a tempo that will remain for most of the piece. The main original theme is brought in at A before the famous sequence from Sibelius' Symphony No.5 enters at B and then very distinctly at C. The music then rollercoasts through keeping all sections of the band busy, until we reach J when the solo Euphonium can shine, helped along by Flugel and Repiano. The Molto Vivo before K sets off with dazzling trills from the cornet section, and bringing with it the theme from Finlandia in bar 165, followed shortly by the March from the Karelia Suite. From N to the end, all three pieces are brought to a final climax together. A rousing piece and makes an interesting change to a direct transcription.

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    Judd: My Hope - Roger Trigg

    ‘My Hope’ was written for, and premiered by Enfield Citadel Band (Bandmaster Jonathan Corry) on 11th October, 2013. The work formed part of the band’s annual pre-contest festival on the eve of the National Brass Band Championships which are held in the august surroundings of the Royal Albert Hall, London each year. The words ‘my hope’ appear in both hymns that are referenced in the music. The notes ‘E’, ‘C’, ‘B’ also feature throughout the work as homage to Enfield Citadel Band. The verse of ‘My hope is built on nothing less’ (S.A.S.B. 662), to the tune ‘Solid Rock’ (T.B. 446), is then introduced and forms the basis of the end of the first section – set in the minor, unlike the usual setting of the melody. The more sedate middle section that follows features an original theme, again using the notes ‘E’, ‘C’, ‘B’ as a melodic stimulus.The tune ‘Michael’ (Herbert Howells), to which the text ‘All my hope on God is founded’ (S.A.S.B. 530) is sung, provided the original impetus for this work. The song features as a new addition to The Salvation Army’s 2015 iteration of its song book. It is a noble tune and there are big majestic, organ-like sounds utilised in its final treatment which brings the work to a climactic end.

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    Blaze - Phil Lawrence

    Cornet/trumpet sounds have been changing for some years; they are becoming heavier, more robust, slower vibratos. The dynamic level now pushed out by your average solo cornet is 30% more than it was some 35/40 years ago. This, is mainly due to the bore size of instruments and mouthpiece sizes (as in bigger), and, demands of modern day works for band on the player/soloist, and of course a greater demand of styles on the player, and progressive teaching methods. The technical styles in Blaze are about these changes.In Blaze I have clearly blended symphonic blowing styles of the trumpet plus the virtuosic attributes of today's modern cornet player. Many solo cornets parts (more past than present) in band are often clearly defined between low A and top C above the stave. Orchestral trumpet players need a working range of another fourth at either end of this defined range; I have incorporated this range into the concerto. The low register is much explored, and the average tessitura throughout is constantly varied below and above the stave from pedal Eb to super F# opt. The ideology of this blend of course makes sense as the original dedication is to Rod Franks, LSO, and of course blending with that is Rod's history at Black Dyke Mills Band.The concerto is ten minutes long and in one movement comprising of four sections and one solo cadenza, with one section only appearing once, an episode. This singular section was a revised addition and dedicated to Richard Marshall who gave the first premier in New Zealand in June 2003. For the purists the form is thus, A, B, A (vari), C (episode). D (slow movement), E (3/8 episode 1), D (vari), E, (episode 2). A (last move), B, A (developed) = (coda finale).The compositional style? Well, I hope quintessentially, 21st C English with an element of nostalgia (modal/old English). There are some hints at jazz playing styles and rhumba, but romantic English I would say, and especially the slow movement.Blaze is also very bold; the title itself reflects this, full of bravura and constant amazement, offering little respite for the soloist and sapping much stamina. The opening statement from the soloist is without accompaniment; just as a matador stands alone in the ring for the first few seconds, and looks at the mass crowd in defiance, he thinks, "you are here to see me die", so the soloist stares the audience back in the face, and opens with the richest, largest sound (not loudest) one can muster, thus throwing the gauntlet down to the ears of all who might disbelieve what they are about to encounter, a gladiatorial cornet, a Blaze from the stage.For the soloist, it is a non-stop Blaze of sound, electrifying technique, sage-like musicianship, super-human stamina and sheer matador-like bravura with 10th Dan mastery of over-all control, a test beyond the reasonable. And for the audience? Of course, a BLAZE never to be forgotten. Phil LawrenceThis work can be heard performed by cornet soloist Richard Marshall & the Grimethorpe Colliery Band on their award winning album entitled 'BLAZE'

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    Triumph Series Band Journal November 2013 Numbers 1243-1246

    No. 1243 March - Life Savers (Andrew Mackareth)This march was written for the band weekend at Belfast Citadel and incorporates the tune Jesus Saves (T.B. 703)No. 1244 Affirmation (Kenneth Downie)The title comes from the affirming tone of the chorus on which the music is built, He is the Lord, which itself is inspired by Phillippians, chapter 2. The chorus does not appear in its entirety at any point, but is obvious to a greater or lesser extent, in the texture of the music.No. 1245 A Celtic Blessing (arr. Erik Silfverberg)This is a simple arrangement of c Celtic traditional tune used to the lyrics of the familiar blessing:May the road rise to meet you,May the wind be always at your back,May the sun shine warm upon your face,The rain fall soft upon your fields,Until we meet again,May God hold you in the palm of his hand.No. 1246 Michael, Row! (David Catherwood)This arrangement of the traditional chous, 'Michael, row the boat ashore' (T.B. 285), is in a light swing style and also incorporates the tunes, 'Love lifted me' (T.B. 725) and 'Will uour anchor hold?' (T.B. 60).

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    Metamorphosis - Jan de Haan

    The opening of this three-movement work features an initial appearance of the thematic material that returns in various guises later on in the work. The leitmotiv centres on a minor second. A range of thematic variations is heard in the lively and energetic Metamorphosis One. This movement is interrupted by an atmospheric meno mosso, containing melodic passages that return to the opening theme.Metamorhosis Two is characterised by various changes in tempo and musical character. Seven different soloists transform the thematic material each in their own way. This eventually culminates in a passionate tutti passage.The source of inspiration for Metamorphosis Three is the so-called BACH-motif, a musical autograph consisting of the notes B flat, A, C and B. This distinctive motif arises from the leitmotiv (here a descending minor second), which continuesto evolve through various transpositions and transformations. For the composer, this spectacular last movement is an homage to one of the greatest and most influential composers in the history of music: Johann Sebastian Bach.

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