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    Bofors To The Fore Joseph Knight

    This piece was a commission to commemorate the memory of Gunner A. E. Collins who during the second world war was engaged in an action where during an advance through Belgium heavy resistance was met and he and an officer had to cover a retreat using Bofors guns. In the final report the title of this piece was actually used by the commanding officer.The piece its self is in three movements and follows the flow of the battle. The first movement called "Advance" is cautious and has the hint of battle. It starts quietly and then builds up slowly and finishes unresolved. Movement two "Engagement" starts suddenly in 7/8 and uses cyclical rhythms and clustered chords to show the horror and chaos of battle and also the firing the Bofors guns. The third movement "Safe Return" brings all of the themes from the first two movements and finishes with "The End Of The Day". The commission stated that bugle calls and "The End Of The Day" should be included.The piece is suitable for a concert work or indeed the contest stage.J Knight 2022.

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