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    Like a Child - Andreas Schulte

    The young have the future. This is the statement made at the beginning of 'Like a Child' by Andreas Ludwig Schulte. The opening radiates strength and ambition, but one is also made to wonder which direction will be chosen, which choices will have to be made.After the introduction the first steps on the path of life are taken, still somewhat unsteadily (the 3/4th time used illustrates this uncertainty). However, the child has now set off and will meet the future with an open mind, unafraid, even though experience will teach it how easily it can be hurt.Fortunately, it is sometimes allowed to be vulnerable and it discovers there will always be someone to offer shelter, support and love. (Adagio) The last part breathes a far greater independence. Youth is able to face the future, it can even take on the whole world!

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