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    CMS March - Corsin Tuor

    CMS March - Corsin Tuor - 3'30'' - BVT165 (in partnership with Lucerne Music Edition) Corsin Tuor has written this march on 1998 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the “Cerchel musical dalla Surselva” (CMS). This brass ensemble belongs to the life of music in Grison ever since his foundation. The march has been arranged for wind-fanfare-brass band by Corsin Tuor some years later. In the march’s trio the composer used a well-known Rhaeto-Romanic folk song named “O cara Surselva”. The melody was composed by Eduard Lombriser and the word were written by Alfons Tuor. The song describes the homesickness for the Surselva’s marvellous valley.

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