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    A Rachmaninoff Prelude - Rachmaninoff

    An arrangement by Tim Paton of this Rachmaninoff favourite for brass band.Comments from Tim:I first heard the Rachmaninoff Prelude in G minor when my brother, (Dr) Rod Paton, used to play it on the piano. The martial sound of the opening theme caught my imagination, and I knew then that this piece would sound magnificent if played by a brass band – if you like the music of Rachmaninoff, then you will love this piece! That spectacular sound that we all know, with busy, melodic bass lines, and a middle section in his well known ‘romantic’ style – I could already hear the euphonium playing those rippling arpeggios. In response to the enthusiasm for this magnificent piece, I have lightheartedly commented that maybe he wrote it for brass band, but there wasn’t one available, so he did it for piano instead!Look and Listen (Score-reading digital sound sample):

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