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    A Little Prayer - Evelyn Glennie

    Composer Evelyn Glennie writes... "When I wrote the chorale for marimba, A Little Prayer, it expressed my spiritual feelings and displayed a pleasantly relaxed dimension of the instrument. Over the years my exposure to brass bands has filled me with wonder; their musical diversity is considerable. From performing a simple melody to the most complex of test-pieces, they bring brilliance to the music. I had no hesitation in giving A Little Prayer to Robert Childs to bring this little melody to life through brass." A perfect reflective interlude for concert or devotional use by bands of all abilities. This is the only version of this arrangement available for sale to the public.

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    Ballet for Band - Joseph Horovitz

    Composer Joseph Horovitz will celebrate his 90th birthday in May, with 2016 already seeing a welcome retrospective of some his finest works at the RNCM Brass Band Festival in Manchester in January. It included Ballet for Band, written in 1983 at the set-work for the National Final at the Royal Albert Hall, and which has since become one his most popular major test-pieces - played on numerous occasions throughout the banding world. It is a wonderfully elegant, mischievous composition - a brass band ballet, not of programmatic intent but of fertile imagination; beautifully crafted with a delicacy of touch as light on its feet as any arabesque. The composer has admitted that he had a clear vision of the characters that inhabit his score, yet has never divulged any details - leaving the bands and listeners, as he says, "...to exercise their own imaginations rather than being influenced by mine!"

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