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    RHAPSODY FOR CORNET AND BAND (Cornet Solo with Brass Band Set) - Ray Bowes

    This is a lyrical solo based on the carol 'A Christmas Lullaby'.

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    DAVID OF THE WHITE ROCK (Cornet Solo with Brass Band Set) - Ray Bowes

    This melody is reputed to have originated in Caernarvonshire, North Wales. Tradition holds that a bard called David, lying on his deathbed, called for his harp and performed this plaintive tune, expressing a desire that it should be played at his funeral. Ever since the tune has been called by his name and that of his house 'Garagwen' ('Druid Stone' or 'White Rock'). The solo is not just a slow melody with brass band accompaniment but is a composite whole, the band needing as much sensitivity as the soloist in the presentation.

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    Fantasia - Ray Bowes

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