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    Aria - Robert Finn

    An aria is a lyrical dramatic solo work for voice. For this work an instrumental soloist interprets the vocal part. The typical melancholy, nostalgia and drama of the Italian aria combines with filmtrack like passages (Morricone) to form the main ingredients of this simple composition. The solo part can be played by a euphonium, a trombone or a tenor saxophone (or flugelhorn).

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    Titania's Aria - Ambrose Thomas

    Although Ambrose Thomas' opera Mignon is rarely performed these days this coloratura aria is still popular with sopranos and, now, trumpet and cornet players (including Philip Smith of the New York Philharmonic).

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    Aria - Philip Sparke

    Aria was commissioned by and written for the remarkable tenor horn player, Sheona White. The work opens with an accompanied recitative, which leads to a change of key where the main melody is presented. This, in turn, serves as an introduction to another melodic idea, marked calmato. The band takes up this theme and then takes centre stage with a passionate repeat of the main theme, which is completed by the soloist. A cornet then plays the calmato theme against which the soloist plays a counter melody. This leads to a return of the opening recitative which brings the work to a peaceful close. A fantastic new addition to the solo repertoire for this much neglected solo instrument.

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    ARIA - J. Golland

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    ARIA - A. Bilk/S. Smith

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    Baritone Aria - NEWTON, Rodney

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