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    Apophenia - Peter Meechan

    for Trumpet and Brass BandDuration: 15.00??Apophenia is the experience of seeing patterns or connections in random or meaningless data.?Apophenia is a trumpet concerto in three movements written for American trumpet virtuoso Rex Richardson. Each of the three movements features a different instrument; Movement 1 is for the Bb trumpet, the second is for flugel horn and trumpet, and the third is for trumpet and piccolo trumpet.Each of the three movements of Apophenia relate to the phenomenon of viewing Dark Side of the Rainbow - a name used to refer to the act of listening to the 1973 Pink Floyd album The Dark Side of the Moon whilst watching the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz, where moments where the film and the album appear to correspond with each other.Movement 1 is a fast a furious movement. Solo and ensemble interact at high tempo, swapping and creating new ideas, leading each other in new directions. Aside from the trumpet soloist, the kit player also acts as a quasi soloist.The second movement takes its musical inspiration from the Pink Floyd song Us and Them. It is during this segment of the film that some of the most amazing moments of connection happen.The final movement is a dance - and a tour de force for the soloist who begins on the Bb trumpet, before switching to the piccolo trumpet (or Eb trumpet) for the fast and furious finale. Many of the coincidences from Dark Side of the Rainbow relate to dancing, however, as long as a piece of music is the same tempo as the original, and the time signature is a regular one, this could be the case across most films. So the composer chose to write a dance that wouldn??t synchronise to too many existing dance scenes!The soloist is free to improvise their own cadenza.Apophenia is dedicated to Rex Richardson.

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    Shackleton's Cross - Howard Goodall

    Shackelton's Cross was inspired by a painting created in 1957 by the English artist Edward Seago (1910-1974). The title refers to a cross which was erected to the memory of Sir Ernest Shackleton, who led a number of explorations to the Antarctic. Shackleton died in 1922 whilst on a Polar expedition, and the cross can be found on a promontory at the entrance to the bay at Grytviken Whaling Station in South Georgia. The painting is owned by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, and was part of an exhibition at Buckingham Palace from October 2011 to April 2012.Originally scored for oboe, trumpet and small orchestra, Daniel Hall's sensitive arrangement follows the composer's alternative versionfor solo trumpet and organ, created for Crispian Steele-Perkins (trumpet) and David Goode (organ).

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    MARCH OF THE HOURS (Brass Band Set) - Emil Soderstrom

    March of the Hours was first performed at Star Lake Music Camp in 1962 with the composer supplying an informative listening guide which was printed in the published score; "The phrases are of 12 crotchets each (three bars) signifying the 12 hours. Up to the trio, the music describes the headlong search for pleasure by the thoughtless. Abruptly, the trio brings 'I need thee every hour', but an episode employing the original theme pushes it aside until it reappears, this time against a background of chimes of the full hour (Westminster chimes). While the hour strikes 12, a paraphrase of the opening strains of 'When the trumpet of the Lord shall sound and time shall be no more' is heard. Here the music stops, to be followed by the trumpet sounding (cornets and trombones) and the rest of the band responds with 'When the roll is called up yonder' with a final 'I'll be there'."

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    I Believe My Heart - Andrew Lloyd Webber arr. Tony Rickard

    The Of?cially Authorised brass band arrangement of this chart success. Tony Rickard's arrangement brilliantly captures the essence of this marvellous song and will make all grades of band sound like champions! What the papers say about The Woman in White... "...return to spectacular form" Sunday Times "A dazzling white hit" Daily Express "Andrew Lloyd Webber's best score in years" Guardian Tony Rickard is a skilled arranger whose work has been played and recorded by The London Trumpet Sound and Canadian Brass. He is the co-author of the highly sucessful Well Easy Trumpet Book.

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    The Lord is King! - Philip Wilby

    The Lord is King! for baritone solo, Chorus, Organ (ad lib.) and brass band was ?rst performed by the North Yorkshire Chorus with the Grimethorpe Colliery Band in 1999. It is also available with solo trumpet and organ accompaniment. It is made up of three colourful song settings: The Trumpet, Come Down, O Love Divine, and Psalm 96.

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    Apex - Peter Meechan

    for Trumpet, Cornet or Flugel and Brass BandDuration: 5.00Apex was commissioned by Mark Bousie and David Armitage (President of Sellers International Ltd.) for the Sellers International Youth Band to perform at the Action Research Entertainment Contest in Blackpool, 2007. Originally commissioned as part of a stage act with a magician, who levitated the soloist, Apex takes its title from the literal meaning of the word - the highest point.As well as being a solo for cornet, the piece also strongly features the percussion section, as well as the band singing!The solo part is equally suitable for cornet, flugel horn or trumpet.First performance:Sellers International Youth BandMark Bousie - ConductorJoe Murray - CornetPerformance notes: * The singing parts are written in transposed pitch, and should be sung to an ??ah? sound * The percussionists should feel free to add instruments (Such as bongos) and treat section C to the end as a guide, which they can change and build on * From section C until the end, percussion parts 1 and 2 may be played by one percussionist on a drum set

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    Album Vol. 05 - MICHEL, Jean-François

    Hochzeitsmarsch (Haydn) / Hochzeitsmarsch (Mendelssohn) / Hochzeitsmarsch (Wagner) / Trumpet Tune & March (Clarke) / Trumpet Voluntary (Clarke)

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    Album Volume 1 - NAULAIS, Jérôme (Arr.)

    Aria (Bach) / Trumpet Voluntary (Clarke) / Aria (Pergolesi) / March (Hndel) / Trumpet Tune (Purcell)

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