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    Prelude and Fanfare - "Air" - Dan Price

    Prelude and Fanfare takes its inspiration from a piece of NSA Video footage, where a camera is attached to a piece of debris and jettisoned into space from the space shuttle.The work is a musical reflection of this journey, starting with a 'weightless' lontano section, followed by a high-octane musical representaion of the debris journey, from re-entry of the earth's atmosphere, the plummet back to earth and the inevitable final "thud" of the journey's end.This musical study explores the use of minimalist techniques and ideas within the confines of the brass band idiom. The overall structure of the piece is based on the shape of a crescendo, starting at the softest level the ensemble is capable of, finishing at the greatest.

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    Prelude and Fugue: The Spitfire - William Walton arr. Elgar Howarth

    Originally part of the score Walton wrote for the film The First of the Few, this fabulous music found greater fame in the concert version he made in 1942. Now, at last, here is an authorised version for brass band by an acknowledged master of the art, in a beautiful new presentation from Winwood Music. The Prelude - essentially a march in his best Crown Imperial style leads to a dazzling Fugue which incorporates a quiet interlude before the dramatic finale. Whether used as a concert opener or roof-raising finale it is sure to delight audiences and players alike. Duration: 7:00

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    Champions! (Concert Prelude) - H. Snell

    Based on the sporting chant of 'We Are the Champions!' this Prelude is short and to the point, when you have won a contest!

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    In Thee Is Joy (Chorale Prelude) - Bach, J.S.

    Positively explosive, brilliant and joyous, this organ Chorale Prelude is as exhilarating as anyone could wish. Bach was often asked by his church employers to tone things down a bit, and this piece is probably the kind of thing they had in mind. Of course he paid no attention.

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    Prelude and Liebestod (Tristan) - Wagner, R.

    The beginning and end of Wagner's opera Tristan and Isolde are two of the most frequently played of the composer's operatic excerpts in orchestral concerts. Following in the footsteps of Alexander Owen who produced an arrangement of the Prelude alone at the turn of the 19th to 20th century, with the capabilities of Bands being now so much further advanced I took up the challenge of a version for our times together with Isolde's broken-hearted Song of Death that closes the opera.Glorious music, that is still 'modern' today in painting the romance of the title characters. Difficult, yes, but rewarding, absolutely.

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    Prelude 1946 - Dan Price

    Brass Band Concert Series - Grade 3 The North West Area Brass Bands Association has for 70 years been representing bands in the North West of England and surrounding areas. Our member bands come from Cheshire, Derbyshire, Greater Manchester, Isle of Man, Lancashire, North Wales, Staffordshire and Yorkshire. We are delighted that Dan Price has been able to compose Prelude 1946 to mark our special 70th Anniversary year and extend our sincere thanks to him for this new work. Duration: 00:03:45

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    Prelude & Mazurka from Coppelia - Delibes - Barry Strickle

    The ballet "Coppelia" was first premiered in May 1870, unfortunately its successful run was interrupted by the Franco-Prussian war. Thankfully, the ballet still went on to become the most performed opera at the Opera Garnier in Paris. The ballet brought Delibes his first taste of success, encouraging him to carry on to other great works such as Lakeme, and Le Corsaire. Arranged by Barry Strickle, the Prelude and Mazurka from Coppelia will be instantly recognizable to most, and features regularly on Classic FM.

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    Prelude And Dance - MORTIMER, John Glenesk

    1. Prelude 2. Dance

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    Prelude, Saraband & Finale - MORTIMER, John Glenesk (Arr.: Moren)

    1. Prelude 2. Saraband 3. Finale

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    PRELUDE, TOCCATA & FUGUE (Graduation Day) (Brass Band Parts only) - Sparke, Philip

    Three connected movements each with their own character. Prelude is energetic and riving, featuring highly syncopated melodies and frequent changes of key and phrase length. The central Toccata is a series of traditional cadenzas for cornet and euphonium that ends ina virtuoso duet for the two soloist and leads directly into the Fugue. The baroque-style fugue keeps breaking out into episodes of 'Swingle' bebop. The conflicting styles both vie for pre-eminence but are eventually happily reconciled and combined to bring this piece to a close. Duration: 13:32 Recorded on Polyphonic QPRL232D Sea Pictures