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    LOVE DIVINE (Brass Band Set) - Brian Bowen

    Sir John Stainer's fine tune is often associated with Charles Wesley's hymn, 'Love divine, all loves excelling'. The introduction is designed to evoke a feeling of awe, and a broad, confident style will set the pattern for the whole arrangement. Contrast in colour has been sought in the scoring but special effects must not be allowed to obscure the melody. The arrangement ends in an atmosphere suggested by the final line of the hymn, 'Lost in wonder, love and praise'.

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    POWER OF LOVE, THE - Brass Band - Words & Music by Peter Gill, Holly Johnson, Mark O'Toole & Brian Nash - David Beal

    The Power of Love - Brass Band | Larch Music. The 1984 No. 1 from Frankie Goes To Hollywood has been brought to life in the brass band by David Beal "The Power of Love" is often regarded as a Christmas song, despite being released in November 1984, and having no reference to Christmas within the song lyrics. However, the accompanying video features the Nativity, and the single cover was The Assumptions of the Virgin. The song spent just one week at Number One in the UK Featuring the main verse tune on Flugel Horn and the rest of the band providing a delicate accompaniment before getting to grip with the famous Chorus.

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    From Russia With Love - BARRY, John (Arr.: Parson)

    From Russia With Love / Girl Trouble / The Golden Horn / Leila Dances / From Russia With Love Reprise

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    Love Song - Halfdan Kjerulf - Tom Brevik

    Melancholy and romance in a contemporary setting. A small but brilliant gem of sonority based on a melody by the Norwegian composer Halfdan Kjerulf (1815-1868). Romance and a full command of timbre are the challenging cornerstones of any succesful interpretation of Love Song. An ideal moment of tranquillity in your programme. Melancholie en romantiek in een eigentijds jasje. Een eenvoudig doch schitterend klankwerkje gebaseerd op een melodie van de Noorse componist Halfdan Kjerulf (1815-1868). De romantiek en klankbeheersing zijn de uitdagende pijlers van Love Song. Het meditatieve moment in uw programma!

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    Love Divine (Blaenwern) - William P Rowlands

    The Welsh hymn tune Blaenwern was writtenby William Rowlands during the Welsh revival of 1904-1905 and andis commonly associated with words by Charles Wesley, 'Love divine, all loves excelling'.

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    The Graces of Love - Oliver Waespi

    The Graces of Love(Le Gratie d'Amore) is the title of a book published in 1602 by Cesare Negri, the famous dance master of the Milan court in the Renaissance. It contains numerous dance tunes and precise descriptions of courtly dances. It also includ

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    Love Changes Everything - Andrew Lloyd Webber arr. Stephen Bulla

    A massive chart hit for Michael Ball, this is the best-known song from Aspects of Love and is expertly arranged for brass band by Stephen Bulla.

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    The King of Love My Shepherd Is - Mike Kilmartin

    The King of Love My Shepherd Is - arr. Jess Langston Turner - transcribed for brass band by Mike Kilmartin - 4'50'' - BVT043 Lovely arrangement of this traditional Irish hymn with a lovely text by Henry W. Baxter. The text paraphrases Psalm 23. It has found recent fame at as result being sung at the funeral of Diana Princess of Wales in 1997. Dedicated to the transcribers mothers in law and grandfather in law whom both passed away during a 4 week period in the summer of 2013. I, Mike Kilmartin, found by writing this piece it has helped me to come terms with what has happened to my family. My hope is that for anyone whom has lost someone can get the same comfort from this piece as I do.

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    I Wont Say (I'm In Love) Horn Feature - Alan Menken - Richard Rock

    A great piece to give the horn players of your band something to get stuck into. Music from the animated Disney film "Hercules" is based upon the Greek mythology (albeit, slightly altered to be suitable for children!) telling the story of Hercules. This piece is sung by Meg as she realizes she is falling in love with him. The music for the film by composer Alan Menken was nominated for an Academy award, however sadly, was released at the same time at "Titanic" where James Horner's score won instead. Now arranged by Richard Rock as a grand feature for your bands horn section, pleasing to play and to listen too.

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    The Graces of Love - Oliver Waespi

    The Graces of Love (Le Gratie d'Amore) is the title of a book published in 1602 by Cesare Negri, the famous dance master of the Milan court in the Renaissance. It contains numerous dance tunes and precise descriptions of courtly dances. It also includes the tune Il bianco fior (The White Flower) on which the first movement of the present piece is based. A vigorous dance in three-four, it leads to an acceleration and a sudden shift to an even meter towards the end. The second movement, calm and contemplative in character, features the tune Vaghe bellezze ... (Veiled Beauty ...). Widely spaced melodic parts surround two solos during which the tune is varied and developed. Finally, the third movement contains a saltarello with a hypnotic rhythm, ending the work with flair and gusto.

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