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    Four Easy Dances - Peter Martin

    'Four Easy Dances' is a four-part suite from Gobelin's 'Flexy Band Collection'. This series is meant for starter ensembles, i.e. youth orchestras which may not have the full range of instruments available yet. Therefore, it is possible to combine various instruments. 'Four Easy Dances' comes from the 'Flexy 3 Series' and can in principle be played by only three instruments, completed with three percussion instruments. 'Four Easy Dances' consists of: 1. Hop, Skip and Jump, 2. Little Polka, 3. Spanish Dance (castanets are obligatory) and finally 4. Tango.

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    Dreams and Dances (Flugel solo) - Harper, P

    Dreams and Dances was composed for Black Dyke flugel star Zoe Hancock in 2012. This is a substantial seven minute solo for one of the most characteristic of the brass band’s instruments.  It begins slowly and dreamily, with a flugel line encompassing both lyrical and florid styles, before moving via a short cadenza to a set of dances in a quick 6/8 time. The solo part would be a challenge for any player, but the accompaniment parts should be manageable by all.

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    Dances and Alleluias - Philip Sparke

    Dances and Alleluias was commissioned by the British Federation of Brass Bands for the inaugural English National Brass Band Championships, held in the Lyric Theatre at The Lowry, Salford Quays, on July 1st 2006. In this fantastic work the composer mixes wonderful slow music, vocal in nature and ecstatic in mood, along with faster dances to create a challenging piece, which will bring out the best in any band.

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    Four Old Dances - Jan Van der Roost

    These four dances are written in a kind of neo renaissance style. Because of the fact that little technical demands are required from its performing artists, these dances are mainly meant for beginning groups, youth ensembles and also for bands in all kinds of small strengths. Jan Van der Roost originally had pedagogical intentions with this piece.

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    Bulgarian Dances (Part II) - Franco Cesarini

    Bulgarian folk music has a long tradition and numerous typical characteristics, such as particular dissonances and complex, irregular rhythms. In Bulgarian Dances (Part II) (which can be performed together with the previously published title Bulgarian Dances) Franco Cesarini has preserved the original spirit of Bulgarian folk music, yet has imbued it with a symphonic character and brought it into the concert hall. The three different movements give us a meditative, moving folksong and a lively dance, before a distinctly symphonic part leads to a glittering finale.

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    POLOVTSIAN DANCES, The (Excerpts from Prince Igor) (Brass Band Set) - Alexander Borodin - Kevin Norbury

    Alexander Borodin (1883 - 1887) was a Russian composer who made his living as a chemist. He was a member of the group of composers called "The Five" (or "The Mighty Handful") who were dedicated to producing a specifically Russian kind of art music. He is best known for his symphonies, his two string quartets, and his opera "Prince Igor". The opera contains "The Polovtsian Dances" which is often performed as a stand-alone concert work.

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    Polotsvian Dances (complete) - Borodin, A.

    These wonderful Dances, known to everyone, have been used in so many contexts, from shows to films, that they need no introduction. This complete version can be performed with the choral parts that are sometimes used in concert. This is a newly revised edition.Other products you may be interested in...TitleComposer/AuthorCategory/ScoringPriceCandide OvertureBernstein, L.?39.50Russlan and Ludmilla (Overture)Glinka, M.?34.50Spartacus, (Finale)Khatchaturian, A.?37.50TarantellaRossini, G.?27.50

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    Dances with Wolves - John Barry - Klaas van der Woude

    Along with John Williams, John Barry is probably one of today's greatest composer's of film scores. Dances with Wolves was one of his best with the music reflecting the truly panoramic nature of this Kevin Costner epic.

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    Scottish Dances - Peter Martin - Menno Haantjes

    Scottish Dances is based on three Scottish traditionals: Cock of the North, The Bonnie Bank's O'Loch Lomond and Marie's Wedding. I. Cock of the North's name is used for multiple things or events. For example for a locomotive to a famous, it seems, delicious liqueur, and rallies to snowboard competitions. Furthermore is "Cock O' the North " a nickname of a famous Duke. (The 4th Duke of Gordon). In this composition Cock of the North (a Jig) is a traditional Scottish bagpipe tune, regularly played on tattoos by Pipe Bands. Not infrequently the drummers sing the text. Auntie Mary, had a canary, Up the leg of her trousers While she was sleeping I was peeping Up the leg of her trousers. II. " The Bonnie Bank's O'Loch Lomond " is about a sad story that took place during an revolt against the British. In 1745 Bonnie Prince Charlie had to retreat. Two of his men were captured. One was convicted and executed, while the other was released. The spirit of the executed soldier would arrive in Scotland via the 'low road' (underworld) before his companion, who had still a long way to go. You'll take the high road And I'll take the low road And I'll be in Scotland afore ye But me and my true love will never meet again On the Bonnie Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond III. In a Scottish wedding, after the official ceremonies, there is often danced. This is called a ceilidh. For this we use traditional Scottish music such as "Marie's Wedding '. Mid dance we go back to the church, where a lovely song in honor of the couple sounds. Marie's Wedding has been recorded by Van Morrison (among many others). Step we gaely, on we go, heel for heel and toe for toe Arm and arm and on we go, all for Marie's wedding

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    American Dances - Bertrand Moren

    This entertaining work highlights the cornet and trombone sections. Several dances of American origin are presented by the soloists, supported by band accompaniment. Following a short introduction a country and western passage takes us to the far West and the home of the cowboys. The second part, a blues section, opens with a terrific trombone cadenza. The final jazz based passage is rather acrobatic in style and ends with a fantastic percussion improvisation.

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