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    Symphonic Contrasts - Etienne Crausaz

    Symphonic Contrasts is an original composition in three harmoniously connected movements. The fi rst movement opens with a brilliant introduction and presents two themes that are developed simultaneously and become intermingled. The second movement is at a slower tempo and gives several soloists the opportunity to showcase their expressive skills. The last movement begins with a musical dialogue between timpani, bongos and cymbals. Symphonic Contrasts has been selected as the set piece (2nd section - Brass Band) for the 2010 Lucerne Cantonal Band Music Festival Competition in Willisau (Switzerland).

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    Contrasts - MOREN, Bertrand

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    CONTRASTS (Brass Band Parts only) - Barry, Darrol

    2011 Butlins 4th Section. Four movements: March Prelude; Scherzino; song of the Navaho; Finale

  • £30.00

    CONTRASTS (Brass Band Score only) - Barry, Darrol

    2011 Butlins 4th Section. Four movements: March Prelude; Scherzino; song of the Navaho; Finale

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    Contrasts - André Waignein

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    Spiritual Contrasts - Medium

    Includes: Dem Bones; Steal Away; Heav'n, Heav'n; Go Down, Moses

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    To Ancient Light - Matt Kingston - Matt Kingston

    "This is an absolutely stunning composition - huge contrasts between passages, some beautiful chords and subtle resolutions - it raises heart-tugging emotions and your ears just can't get enough. Buy it. Find a big church. Play it. Then play it again."

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    Worlds Apart (Cornet Solo) - Andrew Stevenson

    Worlds Apart is a lyrical solo for cornet and piano. The basis of the piece is the use of two contrasting themes, in the form of melodies. These themes symbolise longing and hope. The opening melody is longing and the next melody at letter B is one of hope. The idea behind the piece is that the two themes show the connection of longing or loneliness and hope when faced with being apart from something/someone special. The emotional build-up of the piece should enable performers to bring this idea to life, with extra thought taken on expression and phrasing to show the contrasts.

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    GOD REST YE MERRY GENTLEMEN (Brass Band Set) - Leslie Condon

    A short but interesting arrangement featuring dynamic and rhythmic contrasts.

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    Boundless | Edward Mylechreest

    'O boundless salvation! deep ocean of love,O fullness of mercy, Christ brought from above....'Taken from the timeless hymn 'O Boundless Salvation' by the founder of the Salvation army, William Booth, Boundless opens with a musical pyramid from low brass to top of the band soprano before taking us into the horn led melody.As the piece continues we hear catchy patterns from low brass and percussion interweaving with fanfares from the rest of the band. After a change in pace and tempo we return to a bold finale to this work by Edward Mylechreest.A warm full sounding composition making great use of dynamics and contrasts for upper and lower brass. A great concert opener.