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    Album Volume 9 - NAULAIS, Jrme (Arr.)

    March (Hndel) / Down By The Riverside / Largo Aus Der Neuen Welt (Dvorak) / Ave Maria (Schubert) / Clair De Lune (Debussy)

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  • £27.50

    Christmas Music No. 9 - Wadsworth, G

    Hail! The New KingAs Friends We MeetStill VictoriousDays of Cloudless BeautyIncludes a full band set (no score)

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    Symphony No. 9 - Antonn Dvo?k

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    Nocturne Op.9 No.2 - Fr?'ƒÂ©d?'ƒÂ©ric Chopin

    Euphonium Solo with Brass Band

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  • £44.95

    LORD OF THE SEA (Brass Band Set) - Ray Steadman-Allen

    Each movement of this suite is linked with a quotation from the Bible; 1. Water's edge ('And Jesus went the sea-side...' Mark 2 v.13). 2. Seascapes ('His dominion shall be from sea to sea' Zechariah 9 v.10). 3. Seafarer's song ('Sing unto the that go down to the sea' Isaiah 42 v.10). The first two movements are based on the composer's own settings of poems by Miriam Richards. The third movement (generally lively in characater) introduces a broad hymn-like melody not associated with any words in particular but nevertheless evoking a spirit of exaltation and praise.

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    Ruslan & Ludmilla - Mikhail Glinka

    Glinka's Ruslan & Ludmilla was first performed on December 9, 1842, in St.Petersburg.Once a popular and influential composer, Mikhail Glinka (1804-1857) is primarily remembered today for two operas: A Life for the Tsar (1836) and Ruslan and Ludmilla (1842). The latter, based on the work that brought poet Alexander Pushkin his first success in 1820, seems both a perfect operatic subject and an impossibility.A complicated fairy tale of love overcoming all obstacles, it features a flying dwarf who gets his power from his beard, a fight with a giant disembodied head, a rescue foiled, a slain hero resurrected, and a happy ending with the lovers reunited!Glinka worked intermittently on the Opera for five years and left the composition of the overture to the last minute. Despite the inventiveness of the music and its many memorable melodies, the Opera Ruslan and Ludmilla was a failure. Nevertheless the Overture is a firm favourite and here we have an expertly crafted arrangement for brass band from the pen of Dr Robert Childs.

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    Pice Hroque - Csar Franck arr. Tony Rickard

    Csar Franck was appointed as organist at the newly built Paris church of Saint Clotilde in 1858, though he wrote remarkably little music for the instrument. Pice Hroque was one of the Trois Pices pour Grand Orgue written in 1878 for the inauguration of the new Cavaill-Coll organ at the Trocadro in Paris. It's stately grandeur and stirring finale make an ideal concert item, and this skillful arrangement (which includes an optional organ part for added colour) retains the character of the original, while transferring it to the sonority of the brass band. If you're looking for the next Elsa's Procession, then here it is - an ideal concert ending when you need a grandstand finish! Duration: 9:00

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    Macbeth - Peter Meechan

    Commissioned by the Scottish Brass Band Association for the 2007 Scottish Open Championship, Macbeth takes its' inspiration from the Shakespeare play of the same name. Character portraits (Of the three witches as well as Macbeth himself), abstractions (The lament), and scenes (Macbeth's final battle with Macduff) make up the 9 interconnected movements:i: Witches, ii: Dagger, iii: General Macbeth, iv: Contemplations of Lady Macbeth, v: Lament, vi: Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, vii: A spell still cast, viii: Final Battle, ix: Not of woman born

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