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    Perihelion was commissioned by the Cory Band as their own-choice piece for the 2013 European Brass Band Championships, held in Oslo, Norway. Cory MD Philip Harper had asked for a ‘Concerto for Band’ to fully exploit his outstanding band of virtuosi, and composer Philip Sparke created a one-movement work with contiguous sections, first featuring horns and flugel, then trombones followed by cornets and a slower central section for percussion and baritones, euphonium and basses. The piece is abstract in nature, without a specific programme, and the title merely reflects the fact that the piece was begun on January 2nd 2013, the day of Earth’s perihelion – the point in its orbit when it is closest to the sun. It could also be argued that the piece weaves between moments of brilliant optimism and dark shadow, both of which can be the result of bright sunshine. Duration: 19:10. Recorded on Anglo Music CD AR029-3 Perihelion: Closer to the Sun.

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    MANCHESTER CONCERTINO (Cornet Solo with Brass Band)

    Manchester Concertino is a concertino in three movements for cornet and brass band. It was written in late summer/early autumn in, as the title suggests, Manchester, UK. The first movement, Fanfare, was written for Belgian cornetist Harmen Vanhoorne, and explores the main musical idea behind the piece, a minor third. The loud fanfare gives way to a cadenza over a timpani roll, before a reprise of the opening fanfare. The second movement, Dream, was commissioned by Keith Johnson and is dedicated to Jess Tredrea. It is a slow, lilting, movement – almost as if the listener was hearing the piece through a summer haze. The final movement is simply titled Finale and is dedicated to Roger Webster. New material is fused with the fanfare from the opening movement leading to a climatic finish to the work. Duration: 10:30. Recorded on Polyphonic Brass Band CD QPRL236D My Heroes.

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    This will also work for 10-Piece

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    TALISMAN FOR BRASS BAND - Parts & Score, TEST PIECES (Major Works) - Frank Hughes

    The 2009 Area/ Regional FOURTH Section Testpiece.To hear audio extracts of the three sections of this work, click on the "MORE DETAILS" button opposite.About “The Talisman” :The Talisman is a suite for Brass Band in three movements (Prelude, Nocturne and Scherzo) and is a tone picture of events in the novel by Sir Walter Scott. The idea was initially conceived as a quartet, but was later enlarged and re-scored for full band.Duration :- approx 10 mins.Percussion requirements :-Percussion 1: Timpani, GlockenspieLPercussion 2: Side Drum, Bass Drum, Suspended Cymbal, Triangle, Claves,Tambourine Tam-Tam.About Frank Hughes :Frank Hughes began his musical career playing cornet in his local band, Pemberton Old. He later played with Besses Boys, Wingates Temperance and Foden Motor Works Band.Composing has always played an important part in his musical life. Many of his works were recorded and broadcast by Fodens and also by Leyland Vehicles Band.If you enjoyed listening to these three audio extracts and want to hear the complete performance of this work, then you can do so by purchasing the CD entitled "REGIONALS 2009" ON DOY CD 246 in BRASS BAND CD section of this site.

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    RONDO ALLA TURK - Parts & Score, EMR BRASS BAND - Paul Lovatt-Cooper

    Mozart is one of my favourite composers and his Rondo Alla Turk has been a popular concert piece for many performers the world over. This is an arrangement I have done for solo xylophone that shows off the technical dexterity of both the piece and the instrument. Click on MORE DETAILS to view the Solo part. Circa 3'10" Soloist: Grade 8 ABRSM Section: 3+ Rondo Alla Turk has been a popular concert piece for many performers the world over. This is an arrangement I have done for solo xylophone that shows off the technical dexterity of both the piece and the instrument. Starting in a brisk tempo, the soloist performs the main themes of the piece with the major key fanfare-like interludes introducing each new section. The main melody from the opening returns with an even brighter tempo that takes the soloist into a flamboyant cadenza section. The cadenza section is scored out for the xylophone but the ad-lib marking allows the soloist in true Mozart fashion to improvise (if they wish) the cadenza section which leads into the finale. The finale brings back the major key motifs from the opening to a coda section that concludes in a breathless flurry from the soloist.

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    4th Section. Birthday Honours was premiered in 2007 to celebrate the 70th birthday of British Composer Guy Woolfenden and makes a perfect piece to mark any anniversary, or as a surprise on someone's actual birthday. Duration: 2:10

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    CENTURION (Brass Band)

    A lively upbeat concert march from the pen of the ever-popular Philip Sparke. The Centurion follows the conventional British march format. It is not technically demanding, yet a successful performance will need skill and commitment from every player in the band. The Centurion will make an ideal opening piece for any indoor or outdoor concert and will be a popular item with both players and audiences alike. Duration 4:10

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    SINFONIETTA FOR BRASS BAND - Parts & Score, TEST PIECES (Major Works) - Gordon Langford

    Previously used as both 2nd. and 3rd. Section testpieces. Click on "MORE DETAILS" to listen to the three audio extracts of this work - and view the Solo Cornet part. Suite in 3 movements. 1. Allegro, ma non troppo - 6/8 2. Andante - 3/4 3. Allegro Vivo - 2/4 duration 10.04 Please note that this is a manuscipt set of parts - but the clarity is very good.

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    MUSIC FOR A BRASS BAND - Parts & Score, TEST PIECES (Major Works) - Martin Dalby

    Previously set as a 2nd. Section Testpiece 1. Prelude 2. Musette 3. Dance 4. Intermezzo 5. March Duration 10.00

  • Join the Band - Peter Goosensen

    Join the Band by Peter Goosensen. For Brass Band (3 Parts Flexible) and Percussion. Original Works Light Music Repertoire. Flexible Wind. Grade 1. Score and Parts. Duration 1 minutes, 10 seconds. Published by Molenaar Edition (ML.040244020). Peter Goosensen (1967) studied the trombone, the euphonium and wind band conducting at the conservatories of music of Alkmaar and Amsterdam. This is an excellent lively piece of swing music with a lot of nice effects. Peter Goosensen succeeded in writing a rather easy composition yet full of spirit. No doubt, many young listeners in the audience will fancy to "join the band!".