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    WORLD WITHIN, A (Brass Band Parts) - Scott, Andy

    Brass Band parts only. 'A World Within' is a one-movement work that starts with a simple theme stated by the Soprano Cornet before an ostinato figure in 6/8 time emerges (Vibraphone, Horns and muted 2nd and 3rd Cornets) over which firstly Solo Cornet, and then both Solo Cornets (1 & 2), play a sustained melody. A shift between major and minor harmonies characterises the 'B' section, before making way for a virtuosic Flugel solo. When the Flugel leaves centre stage the front line Cornets take over, leading to a full bodied reprise of the 'B' section. The low brass bridge the gap between what is in effect the end of the first main section of the piece and the second section. The constant time shift between 3/4 and 6/8 that has been prevalent through-out 'A World Within', re-emerges towards the end of the 'slow, heavy blues' section, leading into an intricate almost fugue-like passage (Horn and Baritone leading the way). Out of this comes a short transitional bridge section that leads us back to the (transposed) original 6/8 time theme and feel, this time scored with a bold directness that leads to a powerful 2/4 time passage. The climax of 'A World Within' is heralded by one dark and dissonant chord that is repeated three times. A flashback moment occurs where the 'hymn' is stated (muted Cornets) in a bitonal harmonic world. A final statement emerges from the denseness of sound, a re-working of the initial theme (Solo Cornet), with the last work being left to Solo Eb Bass. Dur: 13:00

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