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    Vortex (Parts only) - Robert SImpson

    Vortex - a mass of swirling fluid; the centre of the vortex is static whereas the swirling mass becomes faster as it is sucked inexorably towards the centre. This is reflected in the structure of Robert Simpson's final work for brass band. It is cast in a single fast tempo movement made up of three sections. Each section begins softly but actively and grows in volume and intensity to a great discharge of energy on a unison note. Each section is longer than then the last and each unison discharge is a semitone lower than the last. The effect is cumulative and the closing pages witness an explosion of energy from the full band gradually rbeing drawn into the unison final note. Vortex was commissioned by the IMI Yorkshire Imperial Band and first performed at the Leeds Music Festival on 6 July 1990.

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