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    The Three Kings (Euphonium Solo with Brass Band) Cornelius arr. Wainwright

    This beautiful arrangement of the much loved tenor solo The Three Kings was made for the GUS Band and euphonium soloist Mark Giles, for the CD recording Christmas Fantasia - The Music of Andrew Wainwright (2013). The Three Kings, or Three Kings From Persian Lands Afar, is a Christmas carol by the German composer Peter Cornelius. He set Die Konige for a vocal soloist, accompanied by Philip Nicolai's hymn Wie schon leuchtet der Morgenstern ('How Brightly Shines the Morning Star'), which he erroneously thought was an Epiphany hymn. In fact, it is an Advent hymn in which the morning star is an allegory for the arrival of Jesus, not the Star of Bethlehem. In Cornelius' original second setting, the accompaniment was played on a piano but the English organist Ivor Atkins later arranged the accompaniment for choir, with the choir singing the words of the original hymn. The carol describes the visit of the Biblical Magi to the Infant Jesus during the Nativity and is also used as an Epiphany anthem. PDF download includes score and parts. Sheet music available from: UK - USA - Difficulty Level: 4th Section + Instrumentation: Euphonium Soloist Bb Soprano Cornet Eb 1st Cornet Bb 2nd Cornet & Flugel Bb 1st Horn Eb 2nd Horn Eb 1st Baritone Bb 2nd Baritone Bb 1st Trombone Bb 2nd Trombone Bb Bass Trombone 2nd Euphonium Bb Bass Eb Bass Bb

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    Panis Angelicus | Euphonium Solo | Franck arr. Leigh Sharpe

    Panis Angelicus (Latin for 'Bread of Angels') is Cesar Franck's best known work, taken from the last two stanzas of the hymn 'Sacris solemniis' written by Thomas Aquinas, here skilfully arranged for Brass Band with Euphonium Solo.Instrumentation: Euphonium Solo Soprano, Solo, 2nd and 3rd Cornets Flugelhorn Solo, 1st and 2nd Tenor Horns 1st and 2nd Baritone 1st, 2nd and Bass Trombones 2nd Euphonium Eb and Bb Basses Percussion: 1. Timpani 2. Glockenspiel 3. Vibraphone

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    Omaggio (Euphonium Concerto No.4) (Euphonium Solo with Brass Band - Score and Parts)) - Sparke, Philip

    Omaggio was commissioned by Steven Mead in celebration of his 60th birthday and in memory of his father, Rex. He gave the premiere of the brass band version in Rome in March 2022, accompanied by the Italian Brass Band conducted by Filippo Cangiamilla. The concert band premiere took place on 6th July that year as part of the 2022 Spanish International Tuba Euphonium Conference, accompanied by the Banda municipal de msica de Malaga.The concerto is set in 3 continuous movements, which are united by a recurring syncopated interval of a fifth. The first movement, Fantasia, opens with this motive accompanying an extended monologue for the soloist. This is followed by a lengthy bridge passage by the band, which is eventually joined by the soloist, who guides the music back to the opening soliloquy, leading to an energetic central section. This develops until the opening material again returns to introduce the second movement, Ballad, which revolves around an expressive melody for the soloist, interspersed by accompanied cadenzas. The third movement, The King Triumphant, pays homage to Steven's late father, Rex, and its title alludes both to Rex's name (Rex being Latin for king) as well as his love of Eric Ball's Salvationist masterpiece, The Kingdom Triumphant. The finale is an energetic tour-de-force featuring an acrobatic 6/8 melody, which is interrupted twice by the magnificent hymn tune, Helmsley, which Ball uses so effectively in The Kingdom Triumphant. A galloping coda brings the work to a close.

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    Summer Isles (from Hymn of the Highlands) (Euphonium Solo with Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    The Summer Isles are a group of islands located off the North West coast of Scotland which are famous for their wildlife. This piece, written for solo euphonium and brass band, reflects the natural beauty and relaxing atmosphere of the islands. The wonderful melodious nature of the euphonium is displayed in this piece and the opening theme is followed by melodic interplay between the soloist and cornets. This piece will surely be enjoyed by any audience.Duration: 4:10

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    Summer Isles From 'Hymn Of The Highlands' - Philip Sparke

    The Summer Isles are a group of islands located off the North West coast of Scotland which are famous for their wildlife. This piece, written for solo Euphonium and Brass Band, reflects the natural beauty and relaxing atmosphere of the islands. The wonderful melodious nature of the Euphonium is displayed in this piece and the opening theme is followed by melodic interplay between the soloist and cornets. This piece will surely be enjoyed by any audience.

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    Whitburn Hymn - Baker, H - Shanks, C

    Arranged during lockdown for Whitburn Band's online concert, this beautiful setting is by Whitburn's euphonium player Chris Shanks.2nd SectionDuration 3.5 mins

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    NEW WORLD HYMN, The (Euphonium Solo with Brass Band) - Ratnik, Peter

    Grade: Medium.

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    The Covid Collection - Gavin Somerset

    This exciting new 22-minute concert suite for Brass Sextet has been composed during the months of lockdown charting the feelings of a nation, with seven movements playable by 6 (or more) players. The music was composed with the intention for players to perform either together live in a small group, in isolation by way of a virtual performance (downloadable backing tracks are available to play along to) and ultimately, to give players something to enjoy as we all miss our brass band families. This concert suite is the perfect addition to all bands' libraries at a time when rehearsals are limited. Several of the movements are already in preparation for a full band edition to be released at a later date: (also available as a digital download worldwide - purchase now & print to play). Bands purchasing this sextet edition will be eligible for a discount on the upcoming full brass band edition of the concert suite. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Movement 1: FANFARE: The Call of the Band - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PLAYBACK TRACK This opening fanfare gives way to a full of life and energy. With catchy melodies and harmonies, it is an effective opening to any concert programme and the perfect way to begin the Suite. Movement 2: March of the Antibodies - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PLAYBACK TRACK A cheeky little number that keeps on fighting though. Whilst not a March in the traditional brass band sense, players should aim to give a 'happy' performance of this movement ensuring smiles all around for both performers and the audience.Movement 3: Solidarity - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PLAYBACK TRACK The first slow movement of the concert suite aims to reflect on the isolation many of us felt during the time of lockdown. However, during these times, walks out with loved ones allowed many to connect and enjoy downtime, not often afforded to many. Movement 4: Lazy Days - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PLAYBACK TRACK A movement whose title really does say it all. A laid back swing number that should be played in an as relaxed manner, as possible!Movement 5: Hymn for Carers (Dedicated to the NHS & Care Workers) - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PLAYBACK TRACK Dedicated to the NHS & Care Workers, this hymn tune is filled with emotional highs and lows, felt by many of the hospital and care staff who worked tirelessly to keep our people safe, with a timely nod at the end to Vera Lynn & our missed VE day commemorations. Movement 6: Army of the Keyworkers - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PLAYBACK TRACK A stirring work in 12/8 which rightfully, depicts our heroes who kept the country moving through the most difficult of times. An heroic number for players to enjoy.Movement 7: CELEBRATION: Return of the Band - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PLAYBACK TRACK Little needs to be said about this movement, as at this time of release, we cannot yet celebrate the return of all players to the band rooms across the country. However, when that time comes, this movement is to be played with the joy of normality we shall all feel. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE FULL SUITE BACKING TRACK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Each movement can be performed as a standalone item, or form part of the full 22-minute concert suite. Sextet scored for: x1 Cornet I in Bbx1 Cornet 2 in Bb1x Flugelhorn1x Tenor Horn in Eb1x Euphonium/Baritone in Bb1x Eb Bass*extra parts included are, Cornet parts in Eb & C, Horn in F, Euphonium/Baritone in BC, Trombone (TC and BC), BBb Bass in TC & Tuba in BC.

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    The Deep - Andy Wareham

    This stunning work took the title of 'Best Student Composition' at the UniBrass 2016 contest and features a collection of maritime hymn tunes in an unusual setting. Featuring an optional narration at over the opening sequence, the work is scored for quartet (Cornet, Horn, Euphonium & Bass) & band. 'Nearer My God To Thee', 'Melita' and 'Will Your Anchor Hold?' are all featured in this exciting new work as you won't have heard them before and is a great addition to any concert & contest repertoire.

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    General Series Brass Band Journal, Numbers 2238 - 2241, December 2023

    2238: Fanfare and allegro on the Doxology (Steve Kellner)The Doxology, set to the tune Old Hundredth (T.B. 31), is used widely around the world by Christian denominations, including Salvationists. This concert opener is based on the short but powerful hymn of praise to the Triune God.2239: To the endless day (Kenneth Downie)This is a meditation on the hymn tune Ruth (T.B. 191), written by Samuel Smith. It is a particular favourite of Don Jenkins, whose late wife was also called Ruth. This music is dedicated to Don, a distinguished trombone soloist and former Band master of Bristol Easton Corps Band.The music is always associated with the hymn by William Walsham How, whose words begin 'Summer suns are flowing over land and sea' (S.A.S.B. 59) with the title coming from the end of the final verse.2240: Euphonium Solo - He giveth more grace (Ray Steadman-Allen)This 1996 arrangement of Blacklands (T.B. 527), the composers own hymn tune written in 1963, is being published posthumously. The hymn tune sets the words 'He giveth more grace as our burdens grow greater' (S.A.S.B. 30) with an emphasis on the generosity of God.2241: The Calvary effect (Ian Clarke)Around AC 30, on a hill often refered to as Mount Calvary, an event took place that was to change the world forever. The Calvary effect is a reflection, in musical form, on that event and what it still means to people today. If features two tunes: first, in a quiet reflective mood, we hear the highly emotive Healing Stream, associated with the words 'Jesus, keep me near the cross; There is a precious fountain' (S.A.S.B. 178). This then makes way for the chorus; 'Lord, make Cavalry real to me' (S.A.S.B. 182), which is at times indistinct and almost lost in its surroundings, reflecting the sentiments of the chorus. A return to the main tune follows, this time in a positive, passionate setting. The music finishes with a triumphant 'Hallelujah!'.

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