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    Sparkling Brass - Philip Sparke

    Sparkling Brass was commissioned by Osaka Concert Brass, one of Japan's top brass bands, and premiered by them on 27th December 2018 during a concert which celebrated their 10th Anniversary. The work opens in lively mood with fanfare-style figures from the lower band which are answered by the cornets. This interplay intensifies until the mood calms suddenly to introduce a chorale which leads to a duet-cadenza for cornet and euphonium. The rhythmic mood of the opening soon returns and leads to the main theme of the work, a modal caccia which features various section of the band. A short bridge passage leads to a change of key and a new cantabile theme which is introduced by euphoniums and baritone. This is taken up by the full band after another change of key and leads back to the caccia theme. A transformed version of the opening fanfare returns to close the work.

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