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    Horizons - Sven Van Calster

    This great number by the young artist Sven Van Calster was composed for the Antwerp-based trumpet band "Blazerensemble - Deurne" (B), especially for the recording of their CD.This refreshing and fairly simple but dynamic music was written for several instruments and can therefore be played by practically any formation. Horizons is inspired by the many journeys that the trumpet band has made. Listen to this work and expand your horizon.

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    Finale from Tosca, Act 1 (Te Deum)

    DescriptionPuccini's opera Tosca, one of his most successful and popular works is set in 1800 in Rome, as Napoleon's invading army is approaching. There are rebels in Rome who see Napoleon as a liberator from Neapolitan rule and are plotting secretly. One of those is the young firebrand artist Cavaradossi. He and his lover, the beautiful and tempestuous Tosca, are being pursued by the evil chief of the secret police, Scarpia. At the end of Act 1, Scarpia is revelling in his plot to capture Cavaradossi and trick Tosca into sleeping with him to buy her lover's freedom, all inside a church in Rome while a Te Deum service is being sung; in the background the bells are tolling and we hear distant cannonfire from the approaching army.In this arrangement the part of Scarpia is played mostly by the solo trombone. There is an optional organ part, although all of the organ part is covered in the band parts.This arrangement was first performed by the Harrogate Band conducted by Andrew Baker in 2022. Watch a video preview of the score below!

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    Left Bank Two - Wayne Hill - Len Jenkins

    In the 1960's, a group of session musicians had some studio time left over and asked if anyone had something they wanted to try. The young vibes player, Wayne Hill came up with this tune, which they recorded on the spot, almost as a 'throwaway' piece. To viewers in the UK, it is best known as the music used in "The Gallery" sequence of 'Vision On', which was a British children's television programme, shown on BBC1 from 1964 to 1976. Tony Hart, artist and co-presenter of the programme, made pictures in a variety of sizes and media, and encouraged children to submit their own paintings to "The Gallery" for display on TV. They did so in their thousands. The piece has been used in a number of adverts including those for Volkswagen, Castrol Oil and Waitrose, and TV programmes such as NBC's America's Got Talent, The X Factor (U.S) and the BBC panel show QI. Left Bank Two features a Vibraphone solo with Brass Band accompaniment. For those bands that do not have a Vibraphone, an alternative solo for a B flat instrument is included.