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    Team Brass. Band Instruments Repertoire (Brass Band) - Richard Duckett

    The 'Team' series is suitable for use with both individuals or as a group tutor encouraging students to try ensemble playing from the very early stages. All of the books in the series are fully integrated allowing students using 'Team Brass' to play in ensembles with students using 'Team Woodwind', 'Team Percussion', 'Team Recorder' and 'Team Strings'. 'Team Brass Repertoire' contains 32 pieces in a broad range of styles from Baroque to Jazz and Swing. This book will take students from beginner level to Grade 4 standard and is an excellent supplement to any tutor. As with the main tutor ensemble playing is key to 'Team Brass Repertoire' and a number of pieces have been included in this volume provided with clear ensemble scores. In addition, appropriate pieces have chord symbols included to allow teachers to provide a simple piano accompaniment.

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