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    So Fly The Eagles - Mike Lyons

    Dedicated to the Eagley Band, Mike Lyons penned this March ‘So Fly The Eagles’ in a traditional march format, complete with DC and Fine. The March begins with a powerful stand and in a dark minor key. The trio brings about a more light-hearted feel that all players can enjoy and will show off your band in the best light. A great piece for any concert.

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    The Eagles in Concert - Ron Sebregts

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    The Eagles in Concert (Brass Band - Score only)


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    So Fly the Eagles - Mike Lyons

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    Where Eagles Sing - Paul Lovatt-Cooper

    This work was commissioned by Philip Biggs for the Great Northern Brass Arts Festival 2006 and was written for Black Dyke Band and first performed by them in Manchester's Bridgewater Hall on 2nd September 2006.The inspiration for this piece came from a recent trip to Florida and to the Bird Sanctuary in Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom. I was lucky enough to be in the audience to see the rare bird's show where I witnessed some fabulous looking and endangered birds that were trained to perform different tricks that wowed the audience. The highlight for me was the conclusion of the show where the most awesome sight greeted us as an American Bald Eagle soared over the audience. That particular breed of Eagle has been a very rare bird of late. With so few in numbers, it nearly became a member of the sad group of animals that are extinct.The host of the show took great delight in informing the audience that the fantastic creature is now officially safe and no longer classed as endangered. This made a great impact on me as the Eagle is an amazing bird, huge in size and power and yet so graceful in flight.When Philip Biggs invited me to write a piece for the Great Northern Brass Arts Festival, I had no doubt about my inspiration and wanted to create a piece that paid homage to the American Bald Eagle. This piece is everything associated with the Eagle; bold, powerful and graceful and now free to soar and sing in the American homelands.Paul Lovatt-Cooper (August 2006)

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    Where Eagles Dare - Goodwin, R - Barry, D

    A high-powered, big-budget WWII espionagethriller, the film follows an elite groupof allied commandos assigned to rescuean American general being held captive bythe Nazis in a castle high in the BavarianAlps. A "Boys Own" style adventure with asound track by Ron Goodwin that matchesthe power of the film.3rd section +

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    Where Eagles Dare - GOODWIN, Ron (Arr.: Darrol Barry)

    Main Theme / Preparation / Journey Through The Castle / Chase To The Airfield

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    March of the Soaring Eagles

    Original work by James Hatton Specifically written for a youth brass ensemble

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    ISAIAH 40 (Brass Band Study Score) - Robert Redhead

    Commissioned for the final of the 1996 National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain. The timeless truths contained in Isaiah 40 were written to encourage a people facing very intimidating circumstances. The Jewish people of the 5th Century BC were preparing to make an arduous journey though the desert to return to their ravaged homeland after a lengthy exile in the sophisticated society of Babylon. Both Scripture and music sound out a message of hope, as they view life from an eternal perspective, thus placing change in its proper context. Because 'the Lord is the everlasting God' his word 'stands forever' and 'those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength'. They will not merely get through somehow but 'they will soar on wings like eagles'.

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