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    Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) - Annie Lennox & Dave Stewart - Steve Yorke

    It's 80's synth pop for brass with Eurythmics breakthrough hit.

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    Mars Attacks - Elfman, D - Phillips, L

    Tim Burton weaved his usual brand of zaniness throughoutthis film and his regular composer, Danny Elfman, created ahumorous parody of early B movie sci-fi scores by his use ofchoir and two theremins - an early synthesizer (optionalchoir and synth. parts supplied). This arrangement featuresthe music that accompanies the film's horrific opening, aheard of burning cattle stampeding past a shocked family;the scoring here is dissonant and over-the-top with horrorvalue. This is followed by Elfman's quirky Main Title Themewhich sees the Martian invasion force enroute to Earth -wicked and fiendish fun ensues.2nd section +

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