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    SWEDISH FOLK SONG - Peter Graham

    A full band setting of O Lord my God which grows to a massive climax. Featured on BBC TV Songs of Praise.

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    Big Big World - Lars Andersson & Emilia Rydberg - Scott Rogers

    "Big Big World" is a ballad by Swedish pop artist Emilia Rydberg. The song won the Swedish Grammis, the prize for "Song of the Year 1998", and the Swedish "Rockbjornen" prize. The song's simple and vulnerable melody has a special strength that creates its emotional character.

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    Gudda - Roger Tallroth

    "Vasen" ("commotion", "fuss", "ado") is a Swedish acoustic band consisting of three outstanding instrumentalists playing viola, 12-string guitar and nyckelharpa ("key-harp"). They have been touring together since 1989. The song "Gudda" is from a CD they released in 2017, and it is composed by guitar-player Roger Tallroth. The title refers to the song being (originally) in G-major and in "udda" (Swedish for "odd") time-signatures. Please, maintain a singing, legato style throughout.

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    Triumph Series Band Journal March 2017 Numbers 1283-1286

    March – Proud to serve (Ray Steadman-Allen)One of the last works written by Lt. Colonel Ray Steadman-Allen and dedicated to the Chatham Corps, this march was featured by the International Staff Band at the composers tribute evening at the Adrian Boult Hall in Birmingham in 2015. The tunes featured are 'By the pathway of duty' and 'Marching Along'.Song Setting – His Grace! (Noel Jones)Noel Jones has for many years provided music of an attractive and accessible nature. This beautiful setting of the Herbert Booth song 'The Penitent’s plea', along with touches of Major Howard Davies’ song 'The wonders of his grace' will be a powerful addition to any bands repertoire.Song Arrangement – Blood of the Lamb (Ian Feltwell)Here is a bright setting of the old tune 'Are you washed?' which will provide many with a popular item for festival use.March - Makeover (Andreas Holmund)A bright and attractive work by Swedish Salvationist composer Andreas Holmund brings a traditional march with excellent harmonic and melodic interest.

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    Waterloo - Benny Andersson

    The Swedish group ABBA had their decisive international breakthrough when the foursome won the Eurovision Song Contest on the 6th of April, 1974 with Waterloo. This cheerful song, with its driving beat and distinctive melody, has become a true pop classic, like many other ABBA hits. Roland Kernen has arranged Waterloo for brass band. It is an energetic piece that is a pleasure both to play and to listen to.

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    Gaudete (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - McKenzie, Jock

    Gaudete (meaning 'rejoice') is a sacred Christmas Carol of Latin text. As a single line melody to carry the words, is it thought to have been written in the late medieval period, with subsequent harmonies being added in the fifteenth century. The song was published in 1582 in the collection 'Piae Cantiones' - a collection of Finnish / Swedish sacred songs. This carol follows the typical structure for sacred songs at the time of its publication ??" a uniform series of four-line stanzas each preceded by a two-line refrain. The Latin text is a medieval song of praise about the Virgin Mary. My arrangement, whilst being something of an 'indulgence' seeks to use some musical language typical of the time of the original publication. Duration: 3.00

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    Trollmors vuggesang - Margit Holmberg - Elisabeth Vannebo

    Trollmothers Lullaby is a Swedish Childs anthem written by Margit Holmberg (1912-1989).With this song, the trollmothers tries to get all her eleven trolls to sleep by singing the words oajajajaja buff because these words are the most beautiful she knows.

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    Hva var vel livet uten deg? - Ernfrid Ahlin og Gunnar Kaspersen - Jan Utbult

    "Hva var vel livet uten deg" ("What was the life without you") is a song composed by Swedish composer Ernfrid Ahlin with lyrics by the Norwegian Gunnar Kaspersen.It has been features in both movies and TV-series from 1951 and onward. The most well-known version is from the TV-series "Fredrikssons Fabrikk" which was produced between 1990 and 1993.

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    Minnen fran Holmen - Jerker Johansson

    The first theme played by the solo clarinet was written by Jerker Johansson the summer 1997, when he was composing in Swedish folk music style for an intended radio programme in which his father should participate reading poems in local dialect. Unfortunately, the project was discontinued. In the spring 2015 Mr. Johansson however started to work on the theme again, this time adding a song theme of broader character. Holmen is the name of the homestead where Mr. Johansson's father Arne grew up. It is beautifully located in the parish of Skarv, situated east of Skara, one of the oldest towns in Sweden. At Holmen, the composer spent his childhood summers and his recollections are filled with many bright moments and happy memories. The piece was premiered May 22, 2015 by the Goteborg Wind Orchestra conducted by the composer.

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    Langstrump Samba - Jan Johansson

    The popular Swedish children's series Pippi Langstrump (Pippi Longstocking) is about an exceedingly strong and strong-willed little girl with red braids - who is the brainchild of Astrid Lindgren. This series has been broadcasted in many countries. I arranged its cheerful theme tune in samba style. Even with the new rhythm, the original song is still very recognizable. In the exuberant samba style, the percussion plays an important role. Within the Langstrump Samba, this is especially clear in the ad libitum percussion solo halfway through the arrangement. The solo can go on as long as desired, and offers plenty of freedom because of the free choice of the instruments used.

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