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    Nordic Fanfare and Hymn - Jacob de Haan

    As the title suggests, this opening work consists of a fanfare and a hymn. It was written for the opening ceremony of the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Oberstdorf (Allgau, Germany) and can be played in four different versions depending on your needs or the players available. You can use a complete version, a short fanfare played just by cornets, trombones and timpani, a double fanfare (extended with tutti-band) or a fanfare version followed by the hymn. Fanfare and Hymn is an extremely practical and versatile ceremonial opening piece.

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    Unity Series Band Journal - Numbers 526 - 529, February 2024

    526: March - Summit Cross (Beat Hari)This exciting and energetic work introduces a new contributor to our journals. Beat Hari helps lead the band at Frutigen Corps, Switzerland. This march was composed with the intention of featuring it in an open-air concert beside the ski slopes. Members of the corps regularly join the band, instigating conversations with skiing guests by distributing bible verses and sweets. The composer has named this march because of the many Swiss mountains that have crosses on their summit as symbols of God's protection over the population living in the valleys below. The march follows a traditional format with a solid rhythmic construction built from the bass line.527: Christ is all (Olaf Ritman)The Salvation Army song, Christ is all (S.A.S.B. 588) is one that is cherished by the composer. The verses by Herbert Booth are both powerful and vulnerable and the melody by William A. Williams really touches the soul.528: My all to follow (David Edmonds)This piece pays tribute to all who have accepted the call to become Salvation Army officers and envoys. Such a calling involves significant change and can be difficult when leaving their comfort zone or moving away from family.529: We shall win (Alan Williams)William Hodgson's song We're a band that shall conquer the foe (S.A.S.B. 990) is one of confidence and encouragement in our daily fight against evil, sin and injustice, both in the world and in our lives. As such, this music should be full of that same confidence.

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    Platform to the Heavens

    The piece takes its inspiration from the mountain ranges from one of my favourite countries, Switzerland.I have visited the Swiss Alps on many occasions and I am still taken back by its sheer awesome beauty with every visit. This commission gave me the opportunity to pay homage to this wonderful landscape and paint my own musical picture of it.The piece opens with what I imagine daybreak would be like at one of its many peaks. With the sun growing behind the mountain range, the piece builds from a single note to a huge climatic chord revealing Mother Nature's creation.Then at rehearsal figure 'C' the tempo changes dramatically as we fly through the many slopes of the mountains as if on a manic skiing expedition, revealing the many dangers within the Swiss Alps.The twists, turns and climaxes begin to die away as we enter rehearsal figure 'M' - nightfall over the mountains. As the sun disappears, the sky darkens to reveal the beautiful starlit sky above the mountain range. This middle section starts with the various cadenzas that serve as echoes around the Alps. It then leads to a lyrical solo at rehearsal figure 'O' as the moonlight illuminates the icy mountain peaks. A final cadenza to conclude this section highlights the end of nightfall as the sun starts to rise again.This recapitulation from the opening, signals a new dawn as the sun rises above the snowy peaks once again. The music at this point in its slightly altered state highlights the dawn of a new day in the Alps. The fast manic ski ride follows which takes the piece to its grand finale conclusion.The idea behind the title of this piece is that the Swiss Alps are so beautiful and vast; I can only imagine that they could be a platform connecting the earth to the heavens above.Paul Lovatt-Cooper

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