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    Fusion Factory - James L. Hosay

    At the end of the Sixties and the beginning of the Seventies, slowly but surely, a new exciting music style arose in pop music. Pop groups enlarged the musical spectrum by combining jazz harmonies with rock 'n' roll rhythms. These experiments are now known as 'fusion'. Fusion Factory combines elements of early fusion with modern fusion sounds. Listen to the excellent result!

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    I'm So Excited - Peter Kleine Schaars

    The sisters Ruth, Anita and June Pointer from West Oakland in California learned how to sing in the sixties in church where their father was a minister. At the beginning of the 1970s they entered the music business, where they proved to have a mastery of many styles - including rhythm & blues, jazz, and country. However, the Pointer Sisters acquired international fame at the beginning of the eighties with their soul-like pop music. A great hit was the up-tempo number I'm So Excited, which is still a success on every dance floor. This sparkling arrangement by Peter Kleine Schaars certainly provides the excitement that is suggested in the title.

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