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    Force of Nature (Euphonium Solo with Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Graham, Peter

    Concerto for EuphoniumIn his writings, Ernest Hemingway defined the American hero for a generation.He created a new type of fictional character - a "man's man" - a hard drinking pugilist who enjoyed bullfights, big game hunting, deep-sea fishing and other "macho" pursuits. In many respects Hemingway was the living embodiment of his creation, though his somewhat idealised life ended in suicide on July 2nd 1961 and the chapter on this Force of Nature came to a close. The concerto reflects upon moments in this extraordinary life.Matador - the traditions of the Spanish bullfight fascinated Hemingway. He wrote frequently on the subject, going beyond the superficial and exploring at a deeper level the nature of fear and courage. This flamenco-inspired music equally contrasts moments of uncertainty and resolve.Wayfarer (Reflections on Poor Wayfaring Stranger) - the tensions of Hemingway's early life in the midwest suburb of Oak Park (a town he reputedly described as "narrow-minded") fuelled his wanderlust. At the age of 18 he arrived at the Italian Front, serving as an ambulance driver. Within days he was seriously wounded and the horrors of war put paid to adolescent illusions of immortality.Pilar - Hemingway's beloved boat Pilar could cut through the waves off the coast of Cuba at sixteen knots full-out. The music conjures up the thrill of the chase as the great fish hoves into view.Duration: 14.00

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