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    The Reason - Douglas Robb - Steve Cortland

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    SATIRE AGAINST REASON (Brass Band) - Nyman, Michael - Parkinson, John

    from the movie Libertine. Please note: Percussion tacet.

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    Song of the Night Sky - Christopher Bond

    For Cornet in B-flat & Brass Band, Written for & Commissioned by Tom Hutchinson & Cory BandOrpheus is known as the most talented music player of the ancient times. It is said that god Apollo was his father, from whom took his extreme talent in music, and the Muse Calliope was his mother. Tragedy struck when his wife, Eurydice stepped on a viper which in turn bit her, injecting its fatal venom. Nothing could stop his cries of anguish and sheer pain and sorrow upon realizing his beautiful Eurydice was dead. Orpheus decided to go into the Underworld to get his wife back. Apollo, his father, would talk to Hades, the god of the Underworld to accept him and hear his plea. And so Orpheus set off into the Underworld and was warned that for no reason must he look back while his wife was still in the dark, for that would undo everything he hoped for. As Orpheus was reaching the exit of the Underworld, he could hear the footfalls of his wife approaching him. As his was approaching the exit, his heart was beating faster and faster. The moment he stepped on the world of the living, he turned his head to hug his wife. Unfortunately, he got only a glimpse of Eurydice before she was once again drawn back into the underworld. When Orpheus turned his head, Eurydice was still in the dark, she hadn't seen the sun and, was drowned back to the dark world of the dead. Waves of anguish and despair swept over him and shuddering with grief he approached the Underworld again but this time, he was denied entry, the gates were standing shut and god Hermes, sent by Zeus, wouldn't let him in. His songs were no more joyful but extremely sad. His only comfort was to lay on a huge rock and feel the caress of the breeze, his only vision were the open skies. Song of the Night Sky was recorded by Tom Hutchinson and the Cory Band in June 2015, featuring on his debut solo album.

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    Adversity - Patrick Verhaegen

    Adversity - Patrick Verhaegen - 3'30'' - BVT143 We are all familiar with setbacks. But this small but energetic march does not want to be a description of resignation. After all, a setback can be the reason to close ranks, to take action and to go down new paths. This march was written for the 100th anniversary of the Fanfare Band "Rust Rust Verbroedering" from Heist-op-den-Berg (B).

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    Clash Of The Titans - DJAWADI, Ramin (Arr.: Karel Chudy / Bertrand Moren)

    Release The Kraken / There Is A God In You / You Were Saved For A Reason / Perseus

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    Moon River - Henry Mancini - Christopher Bond

    Moon River is the title song of the famous 1961 motion picture Breakfast at Tiffany's. Over the years the song was covered by many major stars, turning it into an absolute evergreen around the world. The beauty of the melody is also suited for mellow sounding instruments like the Eb alto horn; a great reason for the British composer and arranger Christopher Bond to make a version for brass band and alto horn.

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    Time Machine - Thomas Doss

    Time Machine is a journey through time that begins in the Stone Age. Evolution and the coming of man take place. The journey takes us into the present, in which disorientation and chaos abound. We travel further into the future. An unfamiliar, quiet and surreal landscape lies before us and we wander through it, bewildered as we become aware of the destruction of the environment. Suddenly, and for no reason, memories from our childhood are awoken. Cultures have become completely mixed into one and the evolution of man has run its course. We realise that there is no "afterwards" as before us lies the Stone Age once again... The wheel of time spins blindly on and all is repeated.

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    Raveling Unraveling - Philip Sparke

    WINNING PERFORMANCE EBBC LILLE 2016 Raveling, Unraveling - In Search of 'La Valse' was written for the Cory Band as their own-choice test piece for the 2016 European Brass Band Championships in Lille. The piece found its genesis in Sparke's The Unknown Journey (2014) for concert band, and the use of Ravel's La Valse as a structural undercurrent to the original piece is an act of reverence. Sparke's aim was to produce a work that is organic rather than episodic in nature. The composer's view is that little in music does this better than La Valse and for this reason he uses various sections of this masterpiece, both manipulated and quoted verbatim (including much of its stunningclosing passages) to provide the overall geography of his new work. As the music progresses, more of the Ravel appears, surfacing completely as the piece reaches its climax - a gesture of homage to the French master.

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    Invocation - Marc van Delft

    In this work the Dutch composer Marc van Delft attempts to bring together two parties (former friends), after they have grown inexplicably apart. For this reason he calls in the help (Invocation) from the medium of music.At first, 'Invocation' radiates a sense of serene calme, from which the composer gradually creates an atmosphere resembling a conversation.Half-way there is an increase of suspense, ending once again in calm.The listener remains uncertain, however, regarding the finish. In dit werk probeert de Nederlandse componist Marc van Delft twee partijen samen te brengen (vroegere vrienden), nadat ze op onverklaarbare wijze uit elkaar zijn gegroeid. Daarom roept hij de hulp in (Invocation) van het medium muziek. In het begin straalt 'Invocation' een gevoel van serene rust uit, waaruit de componist geleidelijk een sfeer creeert die lijkt op een gesprek. Halverwege is er een toename van de spanning, die weer in rust eindigt. De luisteraar blijft echter onzeker over de afloop.

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