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    Bonny at Morn - Brass Band - Traditional

    A new setting of the North East folk song, suitable for bands at any level.

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    SLOW RIDE IN A STATIC MACHINE, A (Brass Band) - Lawrence, Phil

    A Slow Ride in a Static Machine was inspired some time ago when my (late) Father came to visit me "down in London" as he put it. It was based not on one of his circular mishaps, but on several! He was always directed carefully, but refused to carry a map in the car! At one time when I lived in North London I would meet him outside the capital, and he would then follow be back to my place, but after I moved to East London I made him bite the navigational bullet and transverse the 'M25 Orbital'. His main problem seemed to be getting off this mesmerising circular cark park. He would often phone (in a weary tone) from the Dartford Tunnel (which is 5 junctions past the one he needed to get off at), asking me to, "bring him in" so to speak. I would always refuse. And then, he would do the opposite (especially when travelling at night), he would phone me up from near Cambridge (he'd gone the wrong way up the M11 away from London by 45 miles), and would ask where he was!The title is obviously a play on John Adams' composition, A Short Ride In A Fast Machine. This quirky tone poem starts as a wind-up by using those unwanted intervals of augmented 4th's and minor 9th's & 7th's in the main tune, before hearing the road works, the juggernauts multi horns, fender-benders, ambulance and police sirens! This then all works to a back beat on kit. The wind-up start gets to an almost Go-Go 1960's Disco middle section (the nostalgic hay-days of the open road), where our wind-up tune falls into place and we all relax as we can now drive at 42.1 mph! We DC, and then get into a right car mess in the Coda!Phil Lawrence.Duration:4:00

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    The Pitmen - Alan Beaumont

    This rousing march, perfect for the start of any concert was composed for the Bearpark & Esh Colliery band and dedicated to the Miners of the North East. Written in traditional brass band march style with a 6/8 trio and bass solo, this is sure to make the listener sit up and listen

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    Reflections of Tyne - Matthew Hall

    Reflections of Tyne was commissioned by the NASUWT Riverside Band for their 2019 performance at Brass in Concert at The Sage in Gateshead. Reflections of Tyne combines two traditional songs from the North East of England into a rumbustious concert or contest finisher full of flair and excitement.The Waters of Tyne and The Cliffs of Old Tynemouth blend in the opening reflection of the stillness of the River Tyne before the industrial heritage of North East England is forces its way on to the landscape as the pace and intensity doubles almost instantaneously. A calmer, contemplative, solo passage precedes the final energetic climax in a vibrant musical rendition of the North East as we know it today, with the Tyne as important now as it ever has been.

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    Real Northern Powerhouse, The - Jonathan Bates

    DURATION: 4'00". DIFFICULTY: Championship. Commissioned by the NASUWT Riverside Band for their 2019 appearance at the Brass in Concert Championships, held at The Sage in Gateshead, 'The Real Northern Powerhouse' is a musical representation of the huge impact various forms of industrial life had on the history, and indeed future of the North East of England. Defined into 3 clear sections - By Sea, By Land, and By Rail, the music paints a picture of the various scenes in the dockyards, coalfields and rail stations as the industrial revolution boomed. .

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