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    Music from Kantara - Score Only - Kenneth Downie

    4th Section Test Piece 2016 National Finals of the British Brass Band Championship. Music from Kantara was written in 1994 and was first performed by Watership Brass, a band based near Newbury. The title comes from the name of the former home of the composer, in Winchester, a name which was inherited from the previous owners, and which presumably comes from the ruined castle of that name on the Northern coast of Cyprus. The music is not programmatic: it does not tell a story. It is a three-movement suite of absolute music, in a tuneful and straightforward idiom. The slow, central movement calls for playing of a sensitive, vocal nature.

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    Blitz - Derek Bourgeois

    The dictionary definition of Blitz is any sudden, overwhelming attack, particularly from the air. It is shortened form of the German word Blitzkrieg, literally meaning a lightning war.The piece is a test of skill, nerve and stamina, culminating in an aural ‘Blitz’ of great ferocity.The tempo markings in this piece are intended merely as a guide to performers. The composer is particularly anxious that they should not be considered inviolate.Commissioned with funds provided by the Arts Council of Great Britain for the finals of National Brass Band Championships held in the Royal Albert Hall, London, on the 3rd October, 1981.

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