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    Make my day - Ron Gilmore

    Make my day means something like: it makes me happy. This term refers especially to this up-tempo composition of Ron Gilmore. Ideal as a bouncer at your concert!

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    MY DAY - Haas Otto

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    Some Day my Prince Will Come - Morey-Churchill - Idar Torskangerpoll

    Some Day My Prince Will Come is an American pop tune for the movie "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" from 1937. This is an arrrangement for vocal- or instrumental solo. There is an improvised section, but it can also be played as written. Pay attention to the balance between soloist and accompaniment and omit players if necessary.Soloist-options: Vocal, Bb-Instruments, Eb-Instruments, C-Instruments (Bass Clef)

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    Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - McKenzie, Jock

    Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day is a traditional carol. Its first notated appearance was in William B. Sandy's collection 'Christmas Carols Ancient and Modern' in 1888. The verses of the carol progress through the story of Jesus ??" as told in his own voice. It is thought the origins of this carol are rooted in the fourteenth century. Duration: 3.00

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  • £59.95

    Judd: Quest - Sharman, Paul

    ‘Quest’ was originally written for the Territorial Youth Band (UK) in 2012. It is a major work in three movements, Movement 1: Making a difference, Movement 2: Making time and Movement 3: Making progress. The music essentially charts the journey of the Christians life. The music commences with Ray Steadman-Allen’s choral work and testimony ‘So this is it! My day for living!’ and has references and then a presentation to the tune ‘Southport’ associated with the words ‘To serve the present age my calling to fufil’. The music displays the struggle of the Christian in maintaining a witness within this world. The second movement is a reflective and prayerful setting of the song ‘This day’ found in the Sing to the Lord journal. The imposing third movement features the tune ‘Trust in God’ with the associated words ‘As the weary way of life we journey’. The piece has been recorded by the International Staff Band under the same title (SPS330)

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    Best Day Of My Life - Diverse Autoren

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    My Life Began The Day We Met - Jan Pfeiffer

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    Best Day of My Life (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Kraeydonck, Jan van

    As performed by American Authors. Duration: 3.15

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    Les Miserables (Concert Suite) - Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Sch?nberg - Gavin Somerset

    Based on the book by Victor Hugo, Les Mis?rables has been entertaining audiences around the world since its first performance in London in 1985. Whilst the initial critical reviews were not favourable, the paying public disagreed and the success of the West End musical led to a Broadway production. The show had a big revival in 2012 with the release of the hit film. In this new specially arranged Concert Suite, which features a built in encore – the Epilogue to the show (should you wish to use it) and an optional cut omitting the more difficult sections (making the work accessible to lower section bands), this work gives your band the chance to bring a touch of Broadway to your audience. The Suite features the Prologue, On My Own, Bring Him Home, Master of the House, One Day More & Can You Hear The People Sing? A great audience pleaser and grand concert or contest work that belongs in every bands library. To download the Solo Cornet part, please CLICK HERE . To download the Solo Horn part, please CLICK HERE . To download the Solo Euphonium part, please CLICK HERE . To download the playback audio to play along to, please RIGHT CLICK HERE & Save As .

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