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    Triumphal Brass - Jan de Haan

    This exciting and energetic composition calls on all members of the band to try their best to make the audience jump out of their seats when they hear the fi rst notes. Jan de Haan's elaboration of two main themes lets the musicians present themselves as truly Triumphal Brass! The work was written as a test piece for the concert program in the Flemish Open Brass Band Championships 2010.

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    Jubilus! - Jan Van der Roost

    Jan van der Roost's new work Jubilus will make an ideal opening piece for any event. It is in a classical ABA form, beginning with a rising brass fanfare which is quickly replaced by a contrasting expressive lyrical theme. The two themes alternate for a few seconds until an exciting new atmosphere is created with the lively allegro. This eventful piece lets you show off many aspects of your player's style and technique without losing overall unity

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