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    JERUSALEM (Hanmer) (Brass Band) - Parry, Hubert C. - Hanmer, Ronald

    There is also an arrangement available by Sparke and a Marchcard size arrangement by Herbert available.

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  • £44.00

    Jerusalem - C. Hubert Parry - Philip Sparke

    Everyone will instantly recognise this great patriotic hymn that is often thought of as the second English national anthem. This brass band arrangement by Philip Sparke is sure to be used over and over again at your band's performances. Your audience will not be able to help themselves from joining in with this rousing song everytime you use it as the final item in any concert.

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  • £19.95

    JERUSALEM (Brass Band Marchcard) - Parry, Hubert C. - Herbert, Sydney

    Marchcard size. There is also an arrangement available by Hanmer

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  • £19.50

    Repton (Dear Lord & Father of Mankind) - Charles Parry - Gavin Somerset

    Featured numerous times on BBC 1's "Songs Of Praise", this hymn tune setting by Charles Parry (of Jerusalem fame) has become a nations favourite, heard throughout the country. This arrangement uses all the colours of the brass band to bring out Parry's stunning melody, building all the way though to a big warm climax that will send chills down the spines of your audience. Perfect for church occasions, and as a general concert item.

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  • £35.00

    REPTON FANTASY,A (Cornet Solo/Brass Band) - Sparke, Philip

    (Dear Lord and Father of Mankind) Sir Hubert Parry (1848-1918) belongs to a forgotten generation of English composers who are often over-shadowed by Sir Edward Elgar, and the result has been that much of their work is little played or forgotten. In Parry's case, he is now mostly remembered for his hymn tunes, such as Jerusalem and Repton, both marvellous melodies, of course. The latter first appeared in Parry's oratorio Judith and was adapted as a hymn tune after the composer's death. Duration: 3:00 Recorded on Polyphoic Brass Band CD QPRL236D My Heroes

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