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  • £24.25

    Jealousy - Gade arr John Iveson

    John Iveson's original 1981 arrangement featured James Watson and Paul Archibald on solo trumpets, jealously competing for superiority under the watchful eye of the PJBE. This arrangement for brass band is John Iveson's official version, which retains the flavour and excitement of the original. A real virtuoso show-piece for everyone.

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  • £24.50

    633 Squadron - Ron Goodwin arr John Iveson

    Ron Goodwin's famous theme tune is brought vividly to life in this exciting new arrangement for brass band by John Iveson. This is the full version of the piece, complete with the more lyrical sections, and the planes falling out of the sky are vividly depicted. Suitable for medium to advanced bands, a terrific addition to your concert programmes.

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  • £17.25

    Londonderry Air - Trad arr John Iveson

    Trombone solo with brass band.John Iveson's original arrangement as recorded with the PJBE, now adapted for brass band. The solo part is not too demanding technically, but requires a sweet lyrical approach, whilst the traditional melody is given a tasteful rhythmic slant in this highly effective arrangement.

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  • £23.50

    Tico Tico - Abreu arr John Iveson

    This is John Iveson's official adaptation for brass band of his original 10-piece arrangement as performed by James Watson and the PJBE. A virtuoso vehicle for band and soloist alike.

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  • £20.50

    Wandrin' Star - Loewe arr John Iveson

    From the musical show 'Paint Your Wagon' this arrangement by John Iveson features the bass section as four Lee Marvin wannabees - they even split into four-part harmony on occasion! An opportunity for those four players at the back to come to the fore!

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  • £39.99

    Frere Jacques (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Iveson, John

    Duration: 3.30

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  • £39.99

    Frere Jacques - John Iveson - Dirk Annema

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  • £21.25

    La Bourr?e Fantasque - Chabrier arr John Iveson

    Adapted from the original arrangement for brass ensemble, this is guaranteed to put the cornets through their paces (soprano particularly). A lively, colourful piece with a lively opening and finish, and containing a slower lyrical middle section - ideal concert material.

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  • £27.50

    Charivari 'A Latin Fantasy' - arr John Iveson

    Your solo cornet player will revel in the challenge this extended feature presents. Adapted from the original arrangement for James Watson and orchestral brass ensemble, the piece is an extended Latin-style fantasy, based on Granada and Dark Eyes. A wide range of moods and styles, from virtuoso technique to slow, lyrical playing. An exciting and challenging concert piece.

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  • £17.25

    Hamabe No Uta - Trad arr John Iveson

    This traditional Japanese folk-tune is arranged in a simple yet highly effective manner. An ideal piece for that quiet moment in your concert programme.

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