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    Adagio - Tomaso Albinoni - Jacob de Haan

    If you need a beautiful slow interlude for any concert then this is the piece for you. This short work by Italian composer Thomaso Albinoni has a luscious melody that will bring tears to any eyes. For hundreds of years the manuscript of this work had been lost and was only discovered in 1945. Despite this it has become Albinoni's best known work and has topped the classical charts on many occasions. Wonderful figures for the flugel and soprano cornet bring out extra emotion in this arrangement by Jacob de Haan.

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    A Morricone Portrait (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Morricone, Ennio - Kernen, Roland

    Inspired by the music of legendary Italian composer, Ennio Morricone, A Morricone Portrait is a skilfully arranged piece from Roland Kernen containing some of Morricone's most beautiful melodies. Songs include: My Name Is Nobody, Metello and Here's to You. These familiar songs will be well received by any audience!Duration: 8:00

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    ANVIL CHORUS (Brass Band) - Verdi, Giuseppe - Littlemore, Phillip

    The Anvil Chorusfrom Verdi's operaIl Trovatoreis from Act II. The original Italian is 'Coro di zingari' (Gypsy chorus), and it depicts the Gypsy men striking their anvils (hence the English name) and singing the praises of hard work, good wine and their women!Duration: 4:30

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    ARIA (Euphonium, Trombone or Flugel Horn) (Brass Band) - Finn, Robert

    An aria is a lyrical dramatic solo work for voice. For this work an instrumental soloist interprets the vocal part. The typical melancholy, nostalgia and drama of the Italian aria combines with filmtrack like passages (Morricone) to form the main ingredients of this simple composition. The solo part can be played by a euphonium, a trombone or a tenor saxophone (or flugelhorn).

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    Carnival of Venice (Bb Solo with Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Arban, Jean-Baptiste - Wilkinson, Keith M.

    Bb Solo with Brass BandThe Carnival Of Venice is arguably everyone's favourite solo, especially the version by Arban (1820 - 1869), author of the famous brass-playing method book still in regular use today. Young soloists aspire to master the necessary techniques, accomplished soloists know that it is a "sure fire" winner with audiences and listeners love to be dazzled by a virtuoso display of variations on a theme they easily recognise.The theme is a traditional Italian song and has inspired variations for almost every possible instrument. Arban's famous variations were written in 1864. The arrangement remains faithful to the original while maintaining interest in the accompaniments by varying the orchestration. Although the arrangement is listed as featuring the euphonium as the solo instrument, it can also be used successfully as accompaniment for a cornet soloist.The arrangement has been recorded by Jeff Binns, euphonium, and St Louis Brass Band, musical director Keith M Wilkinson, on the CD Strike Up The Band and by Anthony Avitollo, euphonium, and Cuyahoga Valley Brass Band, musical director Keith M Wilkinson, on the CD Around The World.

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    Fantasie Originale (Euphonium Solo with Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Mantia & Picchi - Wilkinson, Keith M.

    Simone Mantia (1873 - 1951) was born in Italy and moved with his family to USA in 1881. He developed an early interest in playing the euphonium and from 1898 to 1904 was the euphonium soloist of the Sousa Band. This solo was written by him to demonstrate both the operatic qualities of his instrument as well as its outstanding technical possibilities. The solo is based on themes by the Italian composer Ermano Picchi (1811 - 1856), Mantia weaving his virtuosic variations around the thematic material provided by Picchi.This arrangement was prepared at the request of Aaron VanderWeele, euphonium soloist of the New York Staff Band, for his UK tour in 2008.

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    I Have A Dream (Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    The Swedish supergroup ABBA had great success in the seventies and eighties until they split in 1982. I Have a Dream, from the album Voulez Vous, was one of their largest hits with its fantastic warm, sentimental Italian style melody. 04:49

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    Nessun Dorma (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Puccini, Giacomo - Beringen, Robert van

    The Italian composer Giacomo Puccini (1858-1924) composed many operas which made him world-famous, with La Boh?me, Tosca, Madame Butterfly and Turandot considered as some of the greatest works ever written in this genre.Duration: 3:00

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    Once Upon a Time in the West (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Morricone, Ennio - Waignein, Andre

    The Italian composer Ennio Morricone is now established as one if the masters in the art of music for films. This excellent arrangement from the film of the same name will be an undoubtedly success at your next concert.Duration: 4:15

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    PALLADIO (Brass Band) - Jenkins, Karl - Small, Tony

    Palladio is probably the most widely recognised of Karl Jenkin's works. It was used for some time in television commercials for DeBeer's Diamonds, in a world-wide campaign. The work was inspired by the sixteenth century Italian architect Andrea Palladio, whose work embraces the renaissance of harmony and order, a philosophy reflecting Karl Jenkins' attitude to composition.

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