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    Make my day - Ron Gilmore

    Make my day means something like: it makes me happy. This term refers especially to this up-tempo composition of Ron Gilmore. Ideal as a bouncer at your concert!

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    Strong Coffee - Ron Gilmore

    It is true that tastes differ. Coffee has known a long history : it has been drunk since the 17th century. On one hand people drink coffee for relaxation, on the other hand it is drunk to ward off tiredness or sleepiness. 'Strong Coffee' composed by Ron Gilmore works both ways. There will be people who will be able to relax during 'Strong Coffee', whereas others will experience it as a real boost. Is it a bit too strong after all, such a funky Soul Beat? Then adding a little milk might help. As said before, tastes differ!

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    Seashells Waltz - Frederick Innes

    Frederick Innes (1854 - 1926) was born in London and studied at the London Conservatory Of Music. After touring as a trombone soloist around Europe he settled in USA where he was one of the featured soloists of the Gilmore Band, later forming his own touring band. He is credited with being a pioneer in demonstrating the abilities of the trombone as a solo instrument.This arrangement was prepared at the request of Brett Baker.

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    Sumba Samba - Ron Gilmore

    The Samba is a Latin American dance, which is mostly associated with parties, as a result of the fast tempo in which it is usually played. 'Sumba Samba' forms an exception to this rule. In order to get this samba to swing it is important to stick to the tempo prescribed. 'Sumba Samba' starts with a motif which will play an important role throughout the piece. This motif can be heard in the first notes of the 'refrain' and, as said before, has been used in the introduction, as well as in the transition after the middle part (letter G). Furthermore, it plays an important role in the middle part itself (letter E), in which the samba has momentarily disappeared and a completely different atmosphere has been created. At letter H we pick up where we left off with the samba and swing to the end of this composition.

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