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    Fanfare for a Festival - Peter Meechan

    Fanfare for a Festival is a short fanfare for brass band.Fanfare for a Festival was commissioned by Mark Bousie for the Sellers International Youth Band who premiered the work at the 2007 National Music for Youth festival in Symphony Hall, Birmingham, UK..

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    Fanfare for Good Times - Fredrick Schjelderup

    Fanfare for Good Times - Fredrick Schjelderup - 03'20'' - BVT142 Fanfare for Good Times was written as a commission for Hetlevik Musikklag and conductor Andreas Heier R?e for their participation in the Siddis Brass 2017 in Stavanger. The piece includes a fanfare theme and hymne tune.The piece works well as a concert opener or finale.

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    Fanfare for the Future - Andrew Stevenson

    Fanfare for the Future was commissioned by the organisers of the annual Madhurst Brass Festival 2012 to open the final concert. The title pays homage to the James Watson Memorial Fund, the choice charity of the event, which gives opportunities to young brass players. The piece opens with an epic fanfare featuring the cornets and trombones and the remaining instruments join gradually. The music then shifts gear into an exciting, fast tempo. This section features different time signatures, tricky technical passages and some of the initial motifs from the start return. The music then slows down for a melodic euphonium solo followed by a cornet solo which gradually builds to an emotional climax. The music gains tempo for a final sprint to the end, where the music finishes with a climax of rich chords and fanfares.

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    Fanfare For Celebration - Keiron Anderson

    The original wind band version of Fanfare for a Celebration was written for the wind band of Dartington Summer School, under the direction of Paul Dummer. I created this brass version for Regent Brass Band in 2014 under the direction of Paul Archibald. I've also written versions for other brass ensembles which have been used at English Brass Academy courses. It is intended to be a short, exuberant celebration piece of moderate difficulty.

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    Fanfare For Christmas - Mike Kilmartin

    Fanfare For Christmas - Mike Kilmartin - 0'40'' - BVT024 Great opener for your Christmas concert. Written for the Leicester Cathedral Christmas Day Broadcast.

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    Fanfare for the Union - Pierre-Antoine Savoyat

    Fanfare for the Union - Pierre-Antoine Savoyat - 04'20'' - BVT137 This young French composer (?1993) wrote this sparkling brass band overture commissioned by Brass Band Buizingen & Luc Vertommen in 2017.The name of the piece is a reference of the origins of the band “Union-Buizingen”. This piece gives some nice solos who contrast with bright tutti (in pure style of Brass Band overture).

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    Fanfare for a Celebration - Jan Bosveld

    This festive fanfare sets the tone for your concert or festival and is suitable for all sorts of occasions. The premiere took place in 2001 and was written for the special 70th anniversary of the PTT Brass Band from Apeldoorn(Holland). The visiting-card for your band! Deze feestelijke fanfare zet de toon voor uw concert of een festival en is geschikt voor allerlei gelegenheden. De premi?re vond plaats in 2001 en werd geschreven voor het 70 jarig jubileum van de PTT Brass Band uit Apeldoorn. Het visitekaartje voor uw band!

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    Fanfare for Christmas - Andrew R. Mackereth

    Rousing opening fanfare including parts from Joy to the World. Challenging!

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    Fanfare For A Festive Occasion - Alan Beaumont

    This is perfect opening to a Christmas concert. This short item, designed to grab your audiences' attention, features fanfare calls surrounded by festive sounds and even the optional party popper to be 'popped' by every player in the band. A great item to announce your bands arrival on stage before launching into your festive programme.

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    ALBA - Fanfare for Scotland (Brass Band) - Fernie, Alan

    Duration: 1'37". Grade: medium. Opening Fanfare. Recorded on OBRCD945 Flyin' to the Skies (Black Dyke Band).

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